ADAPTATION 应变 | Venice exhibition opening

On Thursday June 5, ADAPTATION – architecture and change in China 《应变——中国的建筑和变化》 – a Collateral Event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice – opened in Palazzo Zen 禅宫. Presenting recent work from 11 Chinese architectural practices, ADAPTATION 应变 is curated by Marino Folin & MovingCities , and organized by the EMGdotART Foundation.

ADAPTATION - architecture and change in China | Palazzo Zen, Venice, June 5, 2014

On Thursday June 5, ADAPTATION – architecture and change in China 应变——中国的建筑和变化 – a Collateral Event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice – opened at Palazzo Zen 禅宫. Presenting recent work from 11 Chinese architectural practices, ADAPTATION 应变 is curated by Marino Folin & MovingCities , and organized by the EMGdotART Foundation.
The exhibition, on display untill November 23 – is selected by Wallpaper* Architecture as one of the top 25 exhibitions to visit during this Biennale Architettura 2014.
Impressions of an opening event after the break. Images courtesy of Interpress Photo.

During the opening days of the biennale [June 5, 6, 7] blouinartinfo very kindly placed the spotlight on our exhibition, under the title ‘New Chinese Architecture to be Showcased at Venice Biennale‘:

Taken together, these projects are a standing, thinking man’s response to the hyperactive urban redevelopment and accelerated conditions of growth in contemporary China that have combined to produce a significant shift in how the profession of architecture is practiced in the world’s most populous country.


ADAPTATION - architecture and change in China | Palazzo Zen, Venice, June 5, 2014

As a collateral event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, curators Marino Folin & MovingCities created  ADAPTATION – architecture and change in China 应变——中国的建筑和变化 as a unique exhibition, providing a critical and timely insight and perspective on the changing understanding of contemporary Chinese architecture and its independent professionals. Featuring recent projects and urban research studies by recognized contemporary Chinese architects, as well supported by design, photography and short-movie documentaries – ADAPTATION 应变 presents an unique exhibition showing a culture and profession undergoing profound change in the world’s largest developing country.



chinese dumplings & venetian filling 
Ying Hong 应虹 [Hotel “Vienna”]
Mara [Ristorante “Osteria Da Fiore” di Mara e Maurizio Martin]



Pictures by Interpress Photo.






architecture and change in China 中国的建筑和变化


Trace Architecture Office (TAO) 迹·建筑事务所
META-­Project  META-工作室
TM Studio 童明工作室
Scenic Architecture 山水秀建筑事务所
Atelier DESHAUS 大舍建筑
Zhaoyang Architects 赵扬建筑工作室
O-OFFICE 源计划 工作室
Atelier Chen Haoru 陈浩如工作室
LYCS Architecture 零壹城市

[Collaborators 合作者]
NaihanLi&Co. 李鼐含
ChinaDaily 中国日报
Matjaž Tančič 老马

Jia HuiShu 贾惠舒 /  Lorenzo Malloni 罗伦 / Li Zhiqian 厉致谦 

ADAPTATION 应变 – architecture and change in China 中国的建筑和变化
Curators 策展人: Marino Folin 马里诺·福林 & MovingCities
Curators 策展人: [Bert de Muynck 伯德孟 & Mónica Carriço 莫妮卡·卡瑞苏]
Architecture/exhibition design 建筑/空间设计: O OFFICE 源计划 工作室
Organizer 主办单位: EMGdotART Foundation 雅伦格文化艺术基金会
Supporter 协办单位: EMG 雅伦格
Address 地址: Palazzo Zen 禅宫, Cannaregio 4924 Venice, Italy 意大利威尼斯 [GoogleMap]

Press contacts & Inquiries
EMGdotART Foundation
Michela Pacco/EMGdotART   michelapacco [at] emgdotart [dot] net
MovingCities    info [at] movingcities [dot] org


ADAPTATION architecture and change in China | Palazzo Zen, Venice 2014 Architecture Biennale


Professor Marino Folin, architect, born in Venice, 1944. Graduated in 1968, became professor of “City and Territory Analysis” at the University Institute for Architecture in Venice (IUAV) in 1972; since 1982 full professor of Town Planning; and in 1988, a visiting Professor at the Institut Francais D’Urbanism – Paris VIII. Between 1991 and 2006, he has been Rector of the IUAV University.

马里诺·福林[Marino Folin],建筑师,1944年生于威尼斯,1968年完成学业,1972年开始任职于威尼斯建筑大学(IUAV)“城市和地域分析”专业教授;自1982年起担任“城镇规划”全职教授;1988年作为巴黎第八大学法国城市主义研究所客座教授;1991年至2006年任职威尼斯建筑大学校长。

MovingCities is a Shanghai-based think-thank investigating the role that architecture and urbanism play in shaping the contemporary city. Established in Beijing in 2007 by Bert de Muynck [BE] and Mónica Carriço [PT], MovingCities publishes, collaborates, talks & walks, and has conducted research, lectures, creative consultancy and workshops in China, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Indonesia and Italy. Mónica is a registered architect-urbanist, Bert is assistant professor at University of Hong Kong, Shanghai Study Centre.

Moving Cities是一个以上海为基地的智库机构,致力于研究建筑和城市化在塑造当代都市过程中所扮演的角色。机构由伯德孟 [Bert de Muynck,比利时]与莫妮卡·卡瑞苏 [Mónica Carriço,葡萄牙]于2007年在北京创办,所涉及的工作内容包括出版、合作、城市导览、调研、讲座、创意咨询以及在中国、以色列、瑞典、荷兰、芬兰、印尼和意大利各国举办工作坊。莫妮卡是一位注册建筑师和城市规划专家,伯德孟在香港大学上海研究中心任职助理教授。

O-OFFICE is a Guangzhou-based practice established by Jianxiang HE and Ying JIANG in 2007. O-office tests their methodology in projects across different scales, from urban design, interior and landscape design to exhibition and furniture design. While looking for unique and outstanding solutions for their clients, the team is comprised of young and talented designers with multidisciplinary backgrounds. Reconversion projects include the ongoing 20-acre Honghua Printing & Dyeing Factory into Shenzhen’s iD TOWN Art District, and for EMGdotART Foundation the cultural venues in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and in 2014 the renovation of Palazzo Zen in Venice, Italy.


EMGdotART is EMG’s non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and exchange of art, architecture and culture in China and globally. Every year, EMGdotART holds numerous high-quality international culture and art exchange activities with the purpose to establish a platform for communication between national and international organizations, individuals and projects. As of 2014, EMGdotART has four venues: three in China [Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou] and one – the EMGdotART Foundation – in Italy [Venice].


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