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IJ Plein Urban Planning by OMA | February 17, 2010

After living and working in Amsterdam from 2001 to 2006, MovingCities has returned occasionally back to the city during the past years. In 2008 we interviewed professor Moshe Zwarts on the plans to build a city under the city, in 2009 to scan the destruction of the PostCS-building and to visit the notorious Bijlmermeer-area. This time around we look at the development of the IJ riverbank, the MuziekGebouw and OMA’s 1988 ‘IJ Plein Urban Planning‘-project.

Last year, we visited the area West of Amsterdam Central Station. There, on the Westerdokeiland sits one of the city’s most recent high-density housing developments. In the mean time, the area East from Central Station is being developed into a cultural district featuring the Amsterdam Public Library by Jo Coenen & Co Architekten, the NEMO by Renzo Piano and the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ by 3XN Architects.

With all these developments, going on since the last decade and a half, the IJ – the water formerly known for disconnecting the center of Amsterdam from its Northern area – is becoming a corridor of coherence for urban mobility, housing programs, cultural facilities and turn of the century public buildings. Visible from the Southern bank of the IJ is also OMA’s 1988 ‘IJ Plein Urban Planning’-project. A description:

OMA’s intervention in the IJ-plein site is both urban and architectonic. The urban plan is the basis for OMA’s supervision over the design of seven housing projects, designed by six architects, including OMA. The brief required an explicit visual relationship with the IJ-river and with the historic center of Amsterdam on the opposite riverbank. The urban plan proposes an open configuration of parallel slabs of different height and form, and a triangular lawn.

Area around MuziekGebouw aan 't IJ | February 17, 2010

IJ Plein Urban Planning by OMA | February 17, 2010

Area around Post CS-building | February 17, 2010

Amsterdam | February 17, 2010

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