Best of 2008 | publication

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities publishes “Best of 2008” on the ArtForum Chinese website. Both an arbitrary, discussable and personal selection of what Chinese architecture brought the world during the Olympic year. Of course, China is too large, its urban and architectural development too unknown to many to make this selection a fully legitimate one. At most it is critical at one point, blatantly personal driven at another and talks more about encounters than insight. It is hard to escape and avoid some of the well-known and well-published Olympic projects, the involvement of foreign architects and some cleverly mediatized architectural events. As always the list is the shiny small top of an iceberg. Many are drawn to describe what is above the surface, few realize its depth, size and sparks of creativity buried and frozen into the colossal collision of construction cranes and architectural styles in China.

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