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Driving into Chengde | December 14

On Sunday December 14, MovingCities left Beijing 北京 for a short trip to Chengde 承德 – located approximately 200 kilometers north of the capital. We are invited by the Research Center of Cultural Industries, Communication University of China, to participate in a forum during the the 3rd Creative China, Harmonious World International Forum on Cultural Industries in Chengde city, December 14-17, 2008.

During a 3-hour voyage we drove through the city’s outskirts and landscapes dotted with low rise villages and French castles. We drove over frozen rivers and through tunnels, to finally arrive in Chengde 承德 around dusk. A couple of snapshots along the road.

Beijing Central Business District | December 14

Castles and cities under construction | December 14

Post-traditional road architecture | December 14

Driving into Chengde | December 14

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