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Autoroute de Wallonie | February 26, 2010

When in Belgium, MovingCities is mostly residing in the Northern part of the country, Flanders. Making up 55% of the territory of Belgium, and about 33% of its population, the Walloon Region is located in the South of Belgium. While in the North the population speaks Flemish (Dutch), the Southern Region speaks French. Snapshots of driving on the E42, the Autoroute de Wallonie, crossing Belgium from the West to the East.

The European route E 42 connects Dunkerque [France] with Aschaffenburg on the north western tip of Bavaria [Germany], with a full length of approximately 680 kilometers. In Belgium, its links all major cities in the South of the country, from the provincial capital Mons, to Charleroi and Namur and Liège (the destionation of this trip).

What one sees of the Walloon Region while driving on its main infrastructural artery is a succession of service station, billboards, industrial buildings, highway villages, wind turbines, countryside and cities. Snapshots while speeding through the South of Belgium.

Autoroute de Wallonie | February 26, 2010

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