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Leaving Brussels | May 10, 2009

On Sunday May 10 MovingCities flew back to Beijing. A short inter-European flight from Brussels to Stockholm was followed by a longer StockholmBeijing flight. Only the first leg of the travel provided excellent conditions for aerophotography, especially while flying over a cloudless Belgium and The Netherlands.

While figuring out and writing down possible principles for accidental aerophotography, it is unavoidable to touch on the opposite end this issue. The fear of flying. This series are the result of a desire to fly continuously over this earth, very similar to the necessity Marciello, played by Sean Penn, was subjected to in Thomas Vinterberg’s 2003 movie “It’s all about love“. In this ‘apocalyptic science fiction’ Sean Penn philosophises on an encroaching weather apocalypse from the back of an airplane, seemingly continuously phoning and overlooking the earth. This character used to have fear of flying, cured it by an overdose of drugs and is in now a slave of the sky.

Landing in Stockholm | May 10, 2009

For those with a fear of flying, check out the recent momus -memo aptly called “Fear of flying“. The recent disappearance of Air France flight 477 over the Atlantic, urged momus for some instant memoirs of moving over the globe. Bookmark, follow and read Fear of flying. An extract:

When I fly, I usually take a window seat at the rear of the economy cabin. I’m happy if nobody is sitting anywhere near. I never read or listen to music or watch the movie. All I do is gaze out of the window — I find the landscapes, even the blandest ones, incredibly beautiful.


Brussels - Rotterdam | May 10, 2009

Amsterdam | May 10, 2009

Stockholm Bromma Airport | May 10, 2009

Stockholm Arlanda Airport | May 10, 2009

Smoking Spot at Arlanda Airport | May 10, 2009

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