Building Beijing | part II

Central Business District | Beijing, August 14, 2009

We are no strangers to purposeless wanderings in Beijing’s Central Business District. On this transactional territory we find towers (in flames), residual spaces, rational randomness or examples to learn from. World top planning news and snapshots.

Beijing’s Central Business District is like…

[Not a question we would like to answer. Rather we wonder how to single out those urban and architectural developments that differentiate one city from another. The question is how to instigate the collapse of the culture of city comparisons.]

…”New York Manhattan” according to official sources. But to many more places as the “CBD area is a symbol of the globalization of Beijing, like Manhattan to New York, Shinjuku to Tokyo, and Dockland to London.” In order to deal with this swindle of similarity, on July 22nd, 2009, 7 planning and design companies met in Beijing to think about a future for Beijing’s CBD. A recent article called “World’s Top Planning and Design Agencies Gathered in CBD, Drafting an Environmental Friendly Area in the East” stated the purpose of this generic gathering:

The collection aimed at absorbing advanced designing idea and drafting out the new CBD area. This area will be well spatial formed, people oriented, and environmental friendly as an energy-saving business center, and will guide the future constructions of Beijing. It is expected to become the most dynamic area in the city. With good natural environment, energy-saving infrastructure, this area will become an example of the city in future technology development trend.

The 7 companies include SOM, ADPI, KPF, Foster and Partners and the following three Chinese planning and design institutes: China Academy of Urban Planning and Design, Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Survey Research Institute, Urban Planning & Designing Institute of Tsinghua University.

Central Business District | Beijing, August 14, 2009

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