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Table Mountain, Cape Town | January 5, 2011

A short series of snapshots from on top of Cape Town’s Table Mountain. A background to the city – for those interested in architecture, design and creative industries emerging and happening in Cape Town – is provided by the World Design Capital Bid 2014 | Cape Town-website. Post such as ‘Claiming The City’s Urban Landscapes‘ [by Lorelle Bell & Alexandra Jongens], ‘Creative Design is the Sign of our Times‘ [by Sune Stassen], ‘Don’t Limit the Horizons of our City‘ [by Iain Harris] and ‘Cape Town, a Design City‘ [by Felicity Purchase] might shed a light on the discussion about Cape Town‘s identity and ambition.

A couple of quotes from the aforementioned articles:

The City has placed public spaces on the agenda since 1998 through a design-led public space initiative and has, in the face of competition for resources, inadequate allocation for maintenance and the need to hear the needs of people more clearly, continued this programme since then. [Lorelle Bell and Alexandra Jongens]

It is an interesting challenge to imagine having to design a visual conveying the idea that, for instance, South Africa is a “world in one country”. [Sune Stassen]

Andrew Boraine, visionary CEO of the Cape Town Partnership, responded that it wasn’t about repositioning the centre, or maintaining a single centre in a city. It’s about multiple centres. He commented that “Cape Town is today a multimodal or polycentric metropolitan area, no longer a radial city with the traditional central business district (CBD) of 50-100 years ago”. And I agree with him completely. Cape Town does indeed have multiple centres. [Iain Harris]

An East City Design Initiative is slowly taking shape – a project supported by the Local and Provincial governments that will redefine this neighbourhood into a design precinct for Cape Town. [Felicity Purchase]

View from Table Mountain, Cape Town | January 5, 2011

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