The Chinese City: final presentation

What can we learn from China? City/State Workshop

On Thursday February 28, 2008 we concluded the ‘What can we learn from China?‘-workshop. The final presentation consisted out of the presentation of the students’ research, design and projection of the Chinese condition on the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

The final presentation concluded the workshop MovingCities gave, together with Dan Handel and Yonatan Cohen, City/State Unit []. We proposed a plan for the territory between Tel Aviv and Herzliya through specific types of intervention borrowed from the Chinese condition; Central Business District, Housing, Landscape Operations and Creative Clusters. The final plan is tailor-made for the Israeli context and challenges both existing plans and evolutions as well managed to propose different modes of public transport.

The final plan integrated on different levels the separate concepts students have been working on. During the last 24 hours of the workshop the students combined their cooperative efforts, made an incredible model and put forward a plan, presentation and design that went beyond ours and theirs initial expectation. Surely the workshop benefited from a self-initiated Chinese speed of working, collaborating and decision making and is now open to the public. Soon we will update this project with some concluding analysis and remarks on both the process as the final plan.

Final Presentation

Central Business District | City/State Workshop

Housing | City/State Workshop

Landscape | City/State Workshop

Creative Clusters | City/State Workshop


What can we learn from China? City/State Workshop

students: Rena Malka Wasser, Tom Sperber, Eran Abramovitz, Yaniv Lenman, Ofer Bilik, Roy Carpman, Yaniv Turgeman, Ariel Noyman, Noa Joelson, Netta Gaash, Maayan Strauss & Lior Ayalon

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