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City Move Interdesign Workshop

During the coming two weeks MovingCities will be participating in the City Move Interdesign workshop in Gällivare, Sweden. In a partnership with Icsid, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) and the community of Gellivare, City Move Interdesign will be the main activity in a project about relocating people and societies. The project will look at socially responsible design methods to create new spaces for people and is part of the Icsid Interdesign workshop series .

An interdesign is a two-week workshop where an international team of industrial designers and professionals from other disciplines come together to work collaboratively on a predetermined issue of regional and/or international significance. A host country identifies a particular problem specific to their country whose solution is applicable in other international contexts. Since the first interdesign workshop in 1971, Interdesign themes have ranged from being purely product design to opening discussions on general topics.

City Move Interdesign is not about moving houses…it’s about moving societies!

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From our temporary location above the Arctic Circle (North Pole), we will be posting on the progress of the workshop. More information can be found on the website of the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation. The City Move Interdesign workshop will attempt “to develop creative solutions for a serious problem” with following objective:

In the northern part of Sweden the mining industry continues to expand and, in certain areas, the ground is crumbling under entire cities. This poses enormous challenges to the survival of such cities and may force their populations to relocate. But is it possible to relocate whilst safeguarding and transferring parts of, or entire societies? How can this be done effectively? This is the challenge set for City Move Interdesign.

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