City under the City | Interview

Professor Moshe Zwarts | Amsterdam, March 2008

Alternative Multifunctional Underground Space Amsterdam | Zwarts & Jansma | 2008

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities interviewed professor Moshé Zwarts, from Zwarts & Jansma, on the plans his office developed for a city under Amsterdam.

Early 2008 an ambitious plan was launched to realize roads and car-parks under Amsterdam’ historic city center, called AMFORA [Alternative Multifunctional Underground Space Amsterdam]. This is a plan by Strukton and Zwarts & Jansma. This infrastructural plan solves parking problems and contains facilities for sports, leisure and recreation.

The proposal for a city under the city of Amsterdam is to construct a network of 60-meter-deep (195ft) underground tunnels to provide up to 6m square meters of new space in the crowded historic center. MovingCities talked with professor Moshé Zwarts, Zwarts & Jansma Architects, about thier proposal for an underground city in Amsterdam, a plan floating in-between futurism and necessity, the challenges involved in construction and culture, the state of the city, Amsterdam’s ambition to make it to the UNESCO World Heritage List and the possible future of the plan.

Read full ‘City under the City‘ interview .

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