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'Creative China, Harmonious World' | Chengde, December 15

As part of the 3rd Creative China, Harmonious World International Forum on Cultural Industries (Chengde, December 14-17, 2008) MovingCities gave two presentations. The forum brought together domestic and foreign researchers, academics and policy makers in the field of the Cultural Industries. Last Monday, December 15, the morning consisted out of an opening ceremony followed by keynote speeches and comments of scholars and policy makers, such as Tu Mingde [Vice Chairman of Chinese Olympic Committee], Yang Muzhi 杨牧之 [President China Publishing Group], Dr. Michael Keane [Queensland University of Technology] and Simon Evans [Director Creative Clusters].

Dr. Michael Keane | Queensland University of Technology

Simon Evans | Creative Clusters

Yang Muzhi 杨牧之 | President China Publishing Group

During the afternoon session, the Forum discussed the development of the Cultural Industries in three different panels: 1. Cultural Tourism Industries, 2. Capital and Cultural Industries, and 3. Regional Development and Cultural Industries. Bert de Muynck talked in the second panel about the Cultural Industries as a part of the urban program in the development of the Chinese city, taking the ORDOS100 and the ‘Ordos Cultural Creative Industry Park’ as a case study. While Mónica Carriço held a talk on the third panel touching upon the developments of last year’s Organized Networks Beijing – Mobile Research Laboratory, and our involvement [together with Dr. Ned Rossiter] as guest editors of the upcoming issue #33 of Urban China Magazine – ‘Creative China: Counter-Mapping the Creative Industries’. Other speakers on the forum included Filip Noubel [China Director for the International Center for Communication Development], ‘Arthur’ Xia  Zhongqun 夏忠群 [Research Center of Cultural Industries – Communication University of China] and Professor Zhang Shuting 张树庭 [Director Business Brand Institute].

Opening ceremony 'Creative China, Harmonious World' | Chengde, December 15

Other activities in the Forum included a projects exhibition and trade, dialogues between cultural experts and officials about cultural industries and the Launch of ‘China Cultural Industries Cluster Alliance’. Seeing the amount of press and camera’s this Forum attracted, it was clear that the media was the measurement of success. On Tuesday December 16, the Forum continued with ‘The Power of Cultural Industry’, a dialogue between cultural industry experts and directors of the publicity department form different provinces and cities – in China, the publicity department is always in charge of cultural industries. In the afternoon, the Forum came to a conclusion with an ‘Academy Awards of Cultural Industries’ ceremony for best Cultural projects in the Chinese cities and culture.

Academy Awards of Cultural Industries | Chengde, December 16

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