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Crossing exhibition | SOU FUJIMOTO ARCHITECTS

Bert de Muynck / MovingCities publishes ‘Crossing: Dialogues for Emergency Architecture‘ on the ArtForum Chinese website. The piece discusses the 16 proposals from Chinese and foreign architects shown at the earlier reported exhibition at the National Art Museum of China.

Crossing exhibition | ENCORE HEUREUX + GSTUDIO

Marking the first anniversary of the May 12th Wenchuan earthquake, the ‘Crossing: Dialogues for Emergency Architecture‘ exhibition aims to raise awareness over the prevention and relief of natural disasters and epidemics. From the review:

All in all, Crossing: Dialogues for Emergency Architecture was an excellent exhibition. Organized jointly by NAMOC, CAFA and curators Zhou Shu and Pan Qing, it presented diverse proposals – in terms of scale, aesthetics and functionality – from an inspiring group of emerging and established architectural practices. The organizers have been able to present these proposals, and guarantee the quality the architects desired, in a safe museum environment where art meets architecture. Strangely this did not weaken or obscure the emergency and urgency that the solutions provoke.

Read full review: “Crossing: Dialogues for Emergency Architecture” | ArtForum

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