FI-SZ Symposium on Architectural Competitions

Finland-Shenzhen Symposium on Architectural Competitions | Shenzhen 6th Dec 2011

MovingCities presents/organizes/debates tomorrow, Tuesday DEC 6th – at Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resources 深圳规划大厦, the ‘Finland-Shenzhen Symposium on Architectural Competitions’ 深圳×芬兰建筑设计竞赛座谈会邀请. The symposium is hosted by the Shenzhen Center for Design 都市实践 and supported by Helsinki World Design Capital 2012. Info, background and program after the break.

The architectural competition for the ‘Head Office of the Bank of Finland’, held in 1876, was the first one in Finland. Alvar Aalto’s ‘Paimio Sanatorium’—possibly the most influential work of Finnish architecture—sprang from a competition entry in 1929. Finland is considered the pioneering country of architectural competitions and the reputation of Finnish architecture is said to be based on the excellent competition system. The practice of architecture in Finland today has largely been shaped by this tradition, which the muscular city government sustains by holding competitions for virtually all projects under its domain. (source: Architect Magazine & SAFA)

MovingCities is in Shenzhen 深圳 this week for the openning of the 2011 SZHK Biennale. As a side-show program of the 2011 Shenzhen-Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture-program we’re co-organizing this symposium.

What: FINLAND-SHENZHEN Symposium on Architectural Competitions
What: 深圳×芬兰建筑设计竞赛座谈会邀请
When: Tuesday, December 6th 2011 – starting 9am-noon
Where: Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resource building,
Where: 8009 HongLi Road, Shenzhen 518034, P.R.China
Where: 福田区红荔西路8009号规划大厦 203会议室

Main speakers:
1. Zhou Hong Mei (Vice director, Architectural Design Division of Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resource): Architectural Competitions in Shenzhen 周红玫 (建筑设计处副处长): 深圳建筑设计竞赛的历程和现状
2. Juulia Kauste (Director, Museum of Finnish Architecture): History and Impact of Architectural Competition in Finland. (Director, 芬兰建筑博物馆): 芬兰建筑设计竞赛的历史及影响
3. Samuli WoolstonALA Architects (FI)
4. Mikko SummanenK2S Architects (FI)
5. Dirk Zschunke (PES Shanghai)PES Architects (FI)

xxxxxxMuseum of Finnish Architecture 芬兰建筑博物馆


xxxxxxxALA Architects | Kilden Performing Arts Centre (pictures: Iwan Baan)

xxxxxxPES Architects | Wuxi Opera House


Pictures by related offices/ Poster by Shenzhen Center for Design


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