Jakarta | urban snapshots I

View from the Four Seasons | Jakarta, October 4, 2008

On Friday October 3, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia, for a two weeks work and research stay. How does the fourth largest urban area in the world looks like? How does it function? What is the state of the city in Jakarta? During the first weekend Jakarta’s skyline was scanned by hopping from one hotel roof to another, picturing the present and getting grip on a urban situation that is referred to as ‘problematic’. As it is the end of the holidays here, the city looks dormant and strangely empty.

The invitation to come to Jakarta has been made possible through the Indonesian Institute of Architects (Jakarta Chapter) and a lot of energy has been put into by Danny Wicaksono, editor-in-chief of JongARSITEK!. JongARSITEK! is a free architectural e-magazine made by a group of young Indonesian architects. Most of the articles are still in Bahasa Indonesia but the magazine is planning on making it bilingual in the next editions. In July MovingCities contributed to their issue with “Mediocrity and the Metropolis”. Check out their online magazine!

Sudirman Business District | Jakarta, October 4, 2008

The first weekend was mainly spend in Jakarta’s business district, called Sudirman Business District. From there the city was scanned at different levels, floating between formal and informal, with the hope to see what is the outcome of a city where the population in 1960 was 1.2 million, 8.8 million in 2004 (while the population of greater Jakarta is estimated at 23 million) and is expected to be 24.9 million by 2025. And that is only counting the legal residents. To be continued…

Walking around the Sudirman Business District | October 4, 2008

Pictures by Bert de Muynck | movingcities.org

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