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JR | City Faces | MARK Magazine#30

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published in a recent issue of Mark Magazine #30 an interview with French photographer and artist – and recipient of the prestigious 2011 TED PrizeJR. The publication is a follow-up on last October’s encounter with the ‘artivist’ while he and his crew where working in and with the city of Shanghai 上海 on a project called The Wrinkles of the City 城市肌理. Now online.

City Faces | JR | MARK Magazine#30

From the interview:

I ask JR what he thinks of the state of the city. What do these urban areas say to him? ‘My work relates strongly to architecture, but in a paradoxical way,’ he says, ‘because I go to places with interesting architecture, but I’m there to highlight people. I use architecture as my canvas, while setting up a dialogue with the city in areas where walls are not covered with advertisements. This allows me to get closer to the people. I get into people’s lives, in fact, not by way of politics or advertising, but by way of art and activism.’ When I suggest he might be working in a context that architects fail to take advantage of, he objects. ‘No, I am simply highlighting parts of the city that are linked directly to the architecture and the people. You can’t say architects fail just because people build their own houses.

Pictures by movingcities.org
MARK-article JR photo courtesy Christopher Shay & JR
JR Shanghai photos courtesy JR & gallerie Magda Danysz / 18 gallery

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