Line13 Superlinearity | Workshop

Beijing Line13

Between May 27 and May 31 MovingCities is invited by Adrian Blackwell, Assistant Professor at Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design | University of Toronto to give a design workshop in Beijing, hosted by Theatre in Motion’s studio. We will be looking closer, through a series of field-trips and programmatic interventions, into the Beijing’s peri-urban condition along the Northern section of Line13.

Line13 superlinearity | from Xierqi till Beiyuan

Line13 Superlinearity

Line13 is the mobility spine that makes Beijing move. It is an elevated subway line cutting through large parts of the modern city. With Beijing’s attempts to spread its urban growth into a poly-centric model, Line13 re-organizes this ambition; connecting nodes of poly-centric development. Surrounding the line are zones where economical, sociological and cultural tensions co-exist.

Throughout the following week we will develop some content, analyses, field-trips, ideas, projects and interventions focusing on the Northern section of this line. We go beyond. Beyond the fifth ring-road. Into a territory where urban research and design can reinvent itself.

We will elaborate more in the coming days, for now, have a look at our Line13 Superlinearity project page.

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