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MovingCities flies from Lisbon to Brussels, developing the idea of an AirplaneApp dealing with aerophotography. September 2, 2011.

The United Spiderwebs of Europe | September 2, 2011

Moving around is our raison d’être. Sometimes we are here; more than often we are there. We’re strangers to some cities, inhabitants of others. We’re living in an actual world, in the reality of the runway and enjoy the freedom, and luxury, of flying. We leave and return. Flying from the South of Europe to the Middle of Europe, from Lisbon to Brussels, we indulged in aerophotography. People around us reacted nervous to the sound of the shutter: it was summer, the time of the year tourists move around en masse.

A couple of observations:

01 Crescendo Cities are those type of cities you see while taking off
02 Districts of Lisbon look like China
03 Belgium is SpiderWebCity
04 Seen from high above, architecture ceases to exist. Write an essay about this phenomenon: The Architecture of Altittude. Explain how one determines the tipping point.
05 Europe should be rebranded as USE, the United Spiderwebs of Europe
06 Write another essay: The Architecture of Altitude: Cities from the Cabin.
07 Develop an AirplaneApp, one that shows aerophotography in action – register it first.
08 Done.
09 Find out there is an AirplaneApp out-there.
10 And if functions like this: “Click the take off button and hear the sounds of the airplane taking off. Shake and the flight attendant will announce to fasten seatbelts due to turbulence just light being on the plane.
11 It’s creepy and freaky. An interesting fetish though.

Lisbon - Brussels | September 2, 2011

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