Lisbon | Journey to the Edge of the City

On Wednesday September 17, MovingCities went on a journey to the edge of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon. Starting from ‘Alta de Lisboa’, a new developed area North-East from the airport, we went deeper into sprawland. A territory of high-density social housing projects, highway intersection, 1970s housing developments, illegal settlements and dilapidating buildings on the rim of Lisbons’ hills, the field trip took us into the urban, car-driven, reality of Lisbon.

“Alta de Lisboa” is one of the largest urban renewal projects in Europe, developed by an international consortium known as Sociedade Gestoria da Alta de Lisboa, or SGAL. The project, which costs approximately 200 million euros each year, is set for completion in 2015. The objective of the plans is to build urban parks, shopping centres, health centres, theatres, cultural centres and the construction of 17,000 new homes and infrastructures for 60,000 people. The overall design of the development is from Spanish architect Eduardo Leira.

For more information and background to the ‘Alta de Lisboa’-project check the “Uptown Lisbon” [site no longer working]-blog or “the promotion video SGAL” made.

Journey to the Edge of the City | September 17, 2008

Pictures by Mónica Carriço & Bert de Muynck |

Lisbon Metropolitan Area snapshots | March 28, 2008

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