Lisbon snapshots | part II

Lisbon | April 22, 2009

More pictures resulting from circumstantial movements through Lisbon, while ascending and descending the hills and overlooking the city. A continuation of “7 Hills“-project which was presented and developed, in pre-MovingCities times, for the UIA2005 Congress in Istanbul:

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities presented the “7 Hills“-project as a visual interpretation of cities built on the apocalyptic topography of seven hills. These cities are Brussels, Rome, Lisbon, Edinburgh, Istanbul and Amman. All equal in topography, all resembling and differing from the other. “7 Hills” is a mythical-critical interpretation of the image of these cities, broadens, resurrects and focuses on the accidental encounter between apocalypse, hill and metropolis. Also a “7 Hills Paper” was presented during the congress:

Cities with seven hills all are visual combinations of mental, physical and mythical images of the environment. An urban environment that deals with heights, overviews, landmarks, axis’s, monumental, stairs, sometimes monumental groups and forms, all leading to a processes from one environment into the other. Today, these cities, Amman, Brussels, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Lisbon and Rome, are without doubt all characterized by kinesthetic sensations. Whether it is by foot, car, public transport or bicycle, the sensations of dropping, turning, climbing and twisting is celebrated till the point of urban energy. Hills can mean a point in a journey; different hills give different visual extensions and overlaps to the shape of the site. A constellation that from one hill could seems to align, turns into a circular setting from another hill. One these hills, whether it the Haga Sofia in Istanbul, the Justice Palace in Brussels, the Capitol in Rome or the Castles in Lisbon and Edinburgh, a program of dominance gets form.

For now, some snapshots while enjoying Lisbon’s kinesthetic sensations.

Lisbon | April 22, 2009

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