Lisbon snapshots | part IV

Lisnave shipyard | May 1, 2009

After weeks of wandering aimlessly around in Lisbon, MovingCities met up on May 1 with the architects Paulo Goinhas & Cristina Mendonça [EMBAIXADA Arquitectura] and Simon Troufa Real. Our destination was the abandoned LISNAVE shipyard located in Almada, along the Southern border of Lisbon’s Tagus estuary.

Today the LISNAVE shipyard is aspiring to part of a large European wave of successful redevelopments of dilapidated industrial shore areas. Therefore in 2007 the Almada Nascente development was launched, aimed at rehabilitating the grounds of the former LISNAVE shipyards.

Lisbon & Tagus estuary | Google Earth

Almada (Lisnave shipyard located on the right) & Tagus estuary | Google Earth

The urban plan for Almada Nascente [Almada’s Eastside] was commissioned by the Almada municipality and developed by British architect Richard Rogers, together with architects João Santa –Rita and Ana Roxo. Their masterplan, based on a total investment estimated at 1,000 million euros, would take 15 years to complete and featured 850,000 m² of built areas, attracting to the area 9,500 new residents and generating 13,500 jobs. They explain the ambitions of their “Almada Eastern Riverside“-masterplan proposal as following:

The masterplan layout is based on a linear arrangement of neighbourhoods running parallel to the existing docks and the new water channels; high-density developments around MST/transport nodes; mixed-use development focused around existing docks; public piazzas sited at strategic locations along the riverfront promenade and new east-west connections with Almada town centre.

Lisnave shipyard | May 1, 2009

Currently, this project seems to be on hold. Not unsurprisingly, knowing that the former LISNAVE shipyards are owned by the property investment fund “Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário Fechado Margueira Capital”. This fund resulted from conversion of Lisnave’s debt, and is essentially made up of land and buildings used by Lisnave in the Margueira area. In 2007, the company managing the fund began a search for national and international investors who might be interested in investing in the Almada Nascente development.

Today, it seems like they are still searching for investors.

During our fieldtrip to LISNAVE we thought it wouldn’t be bad if they would also be searching for a new perspective on the redevelopment, new architects and a new proposal. A couple of snapshots while scanning Lisbon’s Southern shore.

Almada | May 1, 2009

Lisnave shipyard | May 1, 2009

View on Lisbon from Almada | May 1, 2009

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Expedition undertaken by MovingCities, EMBAIXADA Arquitectura and Simon Troufa Real.

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  1. Hello,
    Our Company is currently planning the construction of the new Third Tagus Transverse Bridge. As part of the construction planning we need to find a suitable area for loading/unloading large bridge sections off foreign ships. We have identified the old LISNAVE shipyard as an ideal location and we are interesting in purchasing a lease agreement from the current owner. This would be a short term lease, before the ‘Almade Eastern Riverside’ development takes place. This would present a very profitable business opportunity for the owner… if we can find the owner. Since you seem to have a good knowledge of the site, can you please help by suggesting a contact that we can discuss bsiness with regarding this matter.
    Thank you for any help you can lend.

    Simon Laming

    American Bridge Company

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