Macau | smokestack, circuit & cobblestones

Rooftop view from Estrada de D. Maria II, Macau | November 6, 2009

The second day in Macau started with a rooftop view over a smokestack. From the thirteen-floor rooftop of a housing block, located adjacent to one of sharpest corners of Macau’s Guia racing circuit, a white industrial obelisk divides the city’s view. This was followed by a long stroll in downtown, picking up Luso references along the way.

From on top of a building by the Portuguese Architect Manuel Vicente, one can’t miss the cigarettesque smokestack of the CEM Power Station (Companhia de Electricidade de Macau). Looking down, one sees the curving streets of Estrada D. de Maria II, at Guia Hill, part of Macau’s Grand Prix circuit. Used once a year, every November, the Guia Street Circuit is famous for its fast straights plus tight sharply twisting corners, and uncompromising crash barriers and know by being brutal, challenging. It is also the only street circuit racing event featuring both car and motorcycle races. Here cars can reach a top speed of 260 km/h (160 mph).

Back on the street level, the first leg of the journey took off in Southern direction. Along narrow sidewalks, featuring perilous crash barriers, passing Tap Seac Gallery and the Portuguese School (with its cobblestones and mosaic tiles), the first stop happened at Caravela for a Luso-lunch. From here, walking back North, into the direction of the Lines Lab studio of Manuel CS and Clara Brito, at Albergue SCM, where last July MovingCities collaborated on their TIMC09!!! event.

Macau CEM Power Station smokestack | November 6, 2009

CEM Power Station (Companhia de Electricidade de Macau) | November 6, 2009

Macau Guia street circuit, Estrada de D. Maria II | November 6, 2009

Manuel Vicente's housing tower rooftop, Estrada de D. Maria II | November 6, 2009

Overview of Macau's Outer Harbour water reservoir | November 6, 2009

Colégio D. Bosco, near Macau Mosque | November 6, 2009

Av. da Praia Grande, Macau's Military Club & Casino Lisboa | November 6, 2009

 Near Tap Seac Gallery, Macau | November 5, 2009

Portuguese School tile facade, Avenida do Infante D. Henrique | November 5, 2009

Alley near Avenida D Joao IV  (left: Caravela Portuguese restaurant) | November 6, 2009

Heading North to São Lazaro neighborhood | November 6, 2009

Back at Albergue SCM 'Old Ladies House' in São Lazaro | November 5, 2009

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