Mediocrity and the Metropolis | publication

JongArsitek Vol.4 | Architecture Magazine from Jakarta (click to download PDF)
JongArsitek Vol.4 | Architecture Magazine from Jakarta (click to download PDF)

Bert de Muynck | movingcities publishes “Mediocrity and the Metropolis” in JongArsitek. JongARSITEK! is a free architectural e-magazine made by some young Indonesian architects including Danny Wicaksono, whom we met in the context of ORDOS100.

Most of the articles are still in Bahasa Indonesia but the magazine is planning on making it bilingual in the next editions. A group of young urban and architectural aficionado’s, the team of JongArsitek! has nice and big plans:

This edition is a special one. Published in the time of our nations 100 years of awakening, it marks another JongArsitek!’s step towards refinement in making a free architectural publication. Though still partial, but the editorial team has decided to start making this publication in bilingual. Not just because starting this edition forward we will have contributors from other countries, but also because we want to introduce built or conceptual Indonesian architecture, and the thoughts of young Indonesian architects to the world. (text by Danny Wicaksono)

So, support, download, submit your work, proposals and writings and get in touch with them. Besides a great opportunity to get familiar with Bahasa Indonesia, JongArsitek! features the Museum of Contemporary Art (Lima, Peru) by Mexican office PRODUCTORA.

Our contribution “Mediocrity and the Metropolis” is a meditation on the Metropolis.

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