MOVINGCITIES is moving cities

On October 15 2009 MovingCities made a move! After living and working for three years in China’s capital we packed our belongings and moved South. From now on we’ll be operating from Shanghai. New address!

Our own SoHo [small office home office] is now located close to Jing’An Temple.


中国 上海市 200040 静安区 新闸路1528弄1号楼2602室

1528 XinZha Road
Jing’an International Plaza, Block 1 Apart #2602
Shanghai 200040 Jing’an District


+86(0)21 521 370 13

As the move has absorbed quite some our of time and energy, we have been not been able to keep up with the regular pace of posting. With a new city to discover and to engage with, travels scheduled through China in the coming week [Guangzhou 广州, Shenzhen 深圳, Chongqing 重庆 and Chengdu 成都 we’ll be speeding up our level of broadcasting gradually.

For now a quick look through the window, as we are living on the twenty-sixth floor…

MovingCities studio view over Shanghai  | October 15, 2009

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