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China to build 10m affordable homes in 2011 | China Daily, March 10, 2011

During the past few weeks, we’ve been working, co-organizing and pre-producing the upcoming “NAi China Housing workshop.” This 3-day workshop is a continuation of previous collaborative efforts between the Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi], a select group of Dutch and Chinese architects, and a Chinese real-estate developer, to develop solutions for China’s pressing affordable [low-income, low-cost] housing situation. From April 24-26, the first NAi-China workshop is taking place in the China Academy of Art, School of Architecture 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院 in Hangzhou 杭州.

Govt to build 10m homes | China Daily, March 10, 2011

The country will spend about 1.3 trillion yuan ($197 billion) to build 10 million units of government-subsidized housing this year, a senior official said on Wednesday, amid government efforts to curb surging property prices and deliver the benefits of economic growth to more people. […] According to the government’s plan, 10 million units of subsidized housing will also be built next year, and 16 million from 2013 to 2015. When completed, the program is expected to cover 20 percent of the country’s total housing supply.

NAi China Program | 2011

About NL-CN Housing workshop | Hangzhou _April 24–26, 2011

Organized by the Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi], this three day workshop brings together Dutch and Chinese architects in order to explore common grounds and differences between Chinese and Dutch design on social/low-cost/low-rent/affordable housing in China. MovingCities co-organizes and produces the workshop.

的研讨会由荷兰建筑协会[NAi]组织, 作为其国际性MatchMaking项目的分支活动,此次为期三天的研讨会将汇集荷兰及中国建筑师及专家团队,共同探讨中国、荷兰两国对于中国社会福利性住房、经济房、廉租房与经济适用房设计上的的共同点与差异。MovingCities 将共同承办此次活动。

Curatorial vision

Since 2008, the topic of affordable [low-cost, low-income] housing has been prominent on China’s construction agenda. The importance of finding new solutions for China’s housing sector is directly related to the discussion about, and the unease with, the rise in housing prizes in all of China’s cities. In 2010 this issue gained more even prominence in Chinese media and provoked discussion amongst policy makers, developers and urban planners.


The need and demand for affordable [low-income, low-cost] housing in China is a real one. It is a demand where one can put, in 2011, a number on: 10 million units are needed and will, probably, be constructed all over China this year. It is a topic that brings together policies issued by the Chinese government, opportunities for real-estate developers and happiness for the Chinese people. The question that is raised during the workshop is how architects and urban planners can be involved in this task. How can architectural design make a difference: in profit, happiness, design, lay-out and organization of this agenda.


Affordable homes 'could cool market' | Shanghai Daily, March 6, 2011

Participating Architectural Offices

China Urbanus Architecture & Design 都市实践 | standardarchitecture 标准营造 | O-office 源计划工作室 | NODE 南沙原创建筑工作室(NODE) | amateur architecture studio 业余建筑工作室

The Netherlands KCAP | NL Architecten | Arons en Gelauff | NEXT Architects | BARCODE

This workshop is part of NAI’s Matchmaking program, and is made possible by the Dutch Design Fashion and Architecture [DutchDFA].

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