Ningbo Historic Museum | Wang Shu

On Sunday December 28, MovingCities met up in Ningbo with architect Wang Shu 王澍 [Amateur Architecture Studio]. In preparation for an upcoming feature on some of his recently built projects, to be published in MARK Magazine, we visited the just completed Ningbo Historic Museum and interviewed Wang Shu while strolling through the building.

During the day the professor and Head of Architecture department of the China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou [campus photography by Iwan Baan], brought us along some of his new architectures, while our conversation ranged from the absurdities and realities of the construction process in China, his concern for the ‘common life’ and his ambition to be a local architect. A full background feature should be available in MARK in a couple of weeks.

For now – the architectural scoop of the year – the first pictures of Amateur Architecture Studio‘s Ningbo Historic Museum.

*UPDATE Feb22: see Iwan Baan‘s pictures at Arch Daily

Ningbo Historic Museum

Pictures by Mónica Carriço |

Amateur Architecture Studio | WANG Shu+ LU Wenyu

4 thoughts on “Ningbo Historic Museum | Wang Shu”

  1. Where can I find your article?
    See my article “Wang Shu and the Possibilities of Critical Regionalism in China” forthcoming in The Nordic Journal of Architectural Research 2:2009.

  2. I’ve tried to find the address (I searched in Chinese for 宁波历史博物馆 as well) all over the internet but I haven’t managed to locate it. Can anyone give me the exact address? I’m moving to Ningbo soon, really want to find this gorgeous museum.

    1. Nice catch! This is the address we got (and it worked!):


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