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'Yinzhou New Town' - Ningbo's Yinzhou District | October 10, 2010

The Yangtze River Delta is one of the bustling building centers of China where not only cities such as Shanghai 上海, Nanjing 南京 or Hangzhou 杭州 are transforming and creating new business and civic (sub)centers but where also the connections in-between them (railroads and highways) are being optimized. A few weekends ago, MovingCities went to Ningbo 宁波 – integrated into the so-called 2 hours economic circle of which Shanghai is the core – and came back with snapshots from paradise: Yinzhou New Town (District) 鄞州区.


Yinzhou New Urban Zone is located in South of urban district in Ningbo, less than 2 km away from the downtown area of Ningbo. The planned area is 80 km2. A scan of Yinzhou New Town’s ambition reveal the image of new urban development that is, according to the Yinzhou-website, the promising land for investors, the paradise for entrepreneurs. Additional research into the “2008—2012 Planning of the modernized service industry in Yinzhou(pdf alert!) complements this:

In recent years, Yinzhou District has achieved remarkable development, as the entry of Wanda, Vanke, and other real estate giants into the region has driven a straight-line rise to its regional value. At present, the central area of Yinzhou has become the second downtown.

Yinzhou New Urban Zone | left of the Fenghua river

From the place we were staying we were immersed into Yinzhou New Town’s skyline, the result of a prosperous and promising form of place-making featuring government building, hotels, plaza, business residence and office buildings. All of it with none less than than the ambition to create a “South Business District “Manhattan” in Ningbo“:

Its overall design is performed by the U.S. MADASPAM Design Office guided by the idea of “propelled by government, integrated planning, public-funded for public use and market operation”. It is the largest central business district in Ningbo and will become an icon for future Ningbo.

For a 2006-reference, read the interview with Qingyun Maa (CN) principal of MADA s.p.a.m. For a 2010-update, see below.

Yinzhou New Urban Zone |  October 10, 2010

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