ORDOS100 | conclusion phase I

ORDOS100 held its second meeting.
Between April 11 and April 16, 100 international architecture offices came to Ordos 鄂尔多斯, in Inner Mongolia. movingcities attended this event, trying to grasp diversity, variety and similarity.
An impression of the opening evening. The setting, the gathering, putting the models in place,… all had something that floated in-between an architectural competition and a showroom. For the first time the scope of the project becomes clear: a titillating conflict of creativity, a clash of cultures, a collage city where anything, or almost anything, seems to be possible… a project legitimatizing itself on a scale of 1:100. As for now, one sees a multitude of possibilities based on a same commission. And anyone can question if style is important. Does this, finally, present the death of style? More updates in the coming days…

ORDOS100 | April 11, 2008

Pictures by Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço | movingcities.org

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