ORDOS 100 | site visit

ORDOS100 site visit | SAMI talking with the developer Mr. Cai Jiang

Friday, June 27. Day 3 of phase II of ORDOS 100. The 36 architects that presented their proposals on the first day received their critiques. The others lounged in the hotel or went for a site visit. Mónica Carriço | MovingCities joined the desert trip visiting the site with Inês Vieira da Silva & Miguel Vieira | SAMI Arquitectos [Portugal].

Ordos Project: parallel to the ORDOS100 website, there was the Ordos Project website framing the larger context of the creative and cultural development of the site:

In addition to the Art Museum & ORDOS100, the Ordos project comprises of many other initiatives such as the opera house, hotel, educational institutions and soon to be built over the three phases of planning and construction.

Two of these projects are finished, the Art Museum and the Artist Studios, while the Restaurant is currently under construction. Last March, it officially broke ground, and it’s expected to be completed by October this year.

ORDOS100 site visit | arriving at Ordos Project location

ORDOS100 site | June 27, 2008

Ordos Project | Restaurant to be completed in October 2008

ORDOS100 site visit | following SAMI architects (PT) looking for their site plus interview

ORDOS100 site visit | SAMI talking with the developer Mr. Cai Jiang

Ordos Project | inside the Ordos Art Museum

Ordos Project | Masterplan model

Ordos Project | Ordos Art Museum model

Ordos Project | Ordos Opera House model

Ordos Project | Ordos Boutique Hotel model

Ordos Project | ORDOS100 Phase I models

Pictures by Mónica Carriço | movingcities.org

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