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Keiichiro Sako, SAKO Architects | Beijing, February 2009

In Mark Magazine #20 (June-July 2009), Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published an interview with the Beijing-based Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako [Sako Architects] entitled “Mr. Blunt”. Full interview now online.

SAKO Architects office | Jianwai SOHO, Beijing

In the interview Keiichiro Sako talks about his experience as project architect for the Beijing Jianwai Soho-project by Riken Yamamoto. In the spring of 2004 he started his own firm in Beijing, together with a translator. Now, five years on, Sako Architects has 24 Japanese and three Chinese architects and four translators. In the interview the architect sheds a light on projects such as the Romanticism-store (Hangzhou), Lattice Project (Beijing), Mosaic Project (Beijing) and Bumps in Beijing (Beijing). In search to grasp his style, he explained as following his method of working:

For me, the most important issue is to find a theme and express that in my design. The clue is to make sure my ideas totally make sense when the project is finished, to make the drawing reality. In the Mosaic project, in Beijing, for example (published in Mark #15), we applied a mosaic on a very large scale. By doing so, I believe I can give a new meaning to a design method that already exists. In the Bumps project, also in Beijing, a 100,000-m2 residential and commercial building, I pursued the same by stacking black and white boxes. In that way, I can create diversity in a very simple way.

Keiichiro Sako, SAKO Architects | Beijing, February 2009

Pictures by Mónica Carriço |

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