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Shanghai - Jiading | July 1, 2010

July 1st was the hottest day this year in Shanghai 上海 so far, as the mercury in the metropolis showed us 37.4 degrees. MovingCities escaped the heatwave and searched for a breeze in the suburbs. Accompanied by architect Chen Yifeng | 陈屹峰 [Atelier Deshaus | 大舍建筑] we visited the recently completed Kindergarten – opening September 1 – in Jiading New City 嘉定区. Snapshots and background.

In the span of half a century Jiading moved from being a small town in Shanghai’s rural periphery (1950s), to a satellite town (1980s) and a full-grown small city of about 1,2 million inhabitants (2010s). Located in the northwestern part of Shanghai, Jiading’s current development is concentrated on the creation of Jiading New Village, with a surface of 168 square kilometers.

Jiading New Village | Land use plan (2004-2020)

The development of Jiading New Village is a direct result of the 2003 “Shanghai Suburban Area Working Meeting” which was centered around the agreement that Shanghai’s suburban area should be the winner of international relocation of industrial production to Shanghai metropolitan area. The Sustainable Mobility for Mega Cities offers a good overview of Jiading’s plans and ambitions [see image above and link]:

According to the decisions taken in the “Shanghai Suburban Area Working Meeting” as well as to the decisions of local committee leaders within the initiative “Re-arranging Mountains and Rivers”, Jiading District Committee and the local government of Jiading District proactively developed a strategic plan for the district. Furthermore, the decisions of Shanghai’s local government have been important for the development of Jiading District, as the government decided to relocate four core industries in Shanghai’s suburban area.

Moving from the dense center of Shanghai to under-construction outskirts of Jiading (where DesHaus’ Kindergarten is located) we kept track of Shanghai’s territorial changes. Snapshots below, while a review of our visit will be published in the coming months. Check also this video to see the future of Jiading.

Kindergarten at Jiading New Village | by DesHaus

Shanghai - Jiading - Shanghai | July 1, 2010

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note depending on one’s research and visual experience it seem like three competing terms are in the running for the area: Jiading New Village, Jiading New Town and Jiading New City
thanks Yu Tianzheng | 于天正 for contributing research
thanks Chen Yifeng | 陈屹峰 [Atelier Deshaus | 大舍] for showing us around

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