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JiangXi North Road | Shanghai, January 13, 2012

The Embankment building 河滨大楼 [see our June 2012 + May 2011 coverage] is located in-between Henan Road Bridge 河南路桥 & JiangXi North Road 江西北路 [Hongkou District 虹口区]. Just behind this edifice is a large sprawling shopping area, which we started to call ‘Little Beijing‘. Recently MovingCities walked around this small pocket of urban informality and photographed the faces of JiangXi North Road 江西北路.

For all our docucmentation of and focus on skylines, construction, demolition or aerophotography, we tend to overlook the people that inhabit these places, the products they are selling, the on-the-ground reality of the contemporary city. Going back in our archive we found following two series on Shanghai 上海 street life:

Shanghai | October 31, 2011

Shanghai | September 19-26, 2009

In ‘Little Beijing’ – of which JiangXi North Road 江西北路 is the spine – we find buyers and sellers, producers and consumers, performers and passing by-ers, singers, shoppers, tourists, elderly and young. Here we see the movers, the carriers, the transporters of the fake, the real, the knock-offs and replica luxury goods. Here, business is not only done within the shoppingmall, but is sprawling out on the streets. Here, the people eat, look, feel, think, decide, convince, buy, pay, package, wrap and carry.

‘Little Beijing’ is a small part of Shanghai 上海 where low-end consumers goods (mainly clothes, handbags, wigs, earrings, make-up, shoes and underwear) are sold.

Here one can be asked – out of nowhere – if you ‘wanna watch or bag?
If you show interest, the sellers will try and guide you through the maze of merchandise.
If you don’t, the sellers will follow you untill you tell them to go away.

Embankment Building [Jiangxi Road starts in top-right corner] | April, 2011

Jiangxi Road, Shanghai | GoogleMaps

Located one street east of Henan Road Bridge 河南路桥 – once the western boundary of Shanghai’s British settlement – and North of Suzhou Creek, JiangXi North Road 江西北路 is a territory of temporal transactions, of dense places where queuing seems constant, of road crossings that are continuously congested.

One random afternoon we took our camera and documented life as it is.

JiangXi North Road | Shanghai, January 13, 2012

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