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Shanghai - Qingpu | November 10, 2010

Invited by Mathieu Borysevicz [Deputy Director at Shanghai Gallery of Art], MovingCities joined a group of art critics and journalists to Shanghai Qingpu District 青浦区 for a studio-visit of Chinese artist Hu Xiangcheng 胡项城. Reason so is Hu Xiangcheng Solo Exhibition: Itinerant Dieties at Shanghai Gallery of Art. Snapshots while moving from the art gallery to artist studio; from the Bund to the suburbs.

In his introduction text to the exhibition Hu Xiangcheng 胡项城 makes following observation:

In Western museums, we easily find religious icons from all over the world collected as exquisite objects. However, these exotic deities seldom appear in Western architecture, or in daily life. (…) Today in China reprodutions of Western Gods and Goddesses are placed in real estate projects with the intention of advertising instead of meeting spiritual needs.

Publications such as Out of Africa and Hu Xiangcheng by Edward Lucie-Smith provide a starting point for those interested in learning more about this Chinese artist who is cross-breeding between Chinese and African art and wants to explain the questions of man and environment, including the territorial desires that come with art. If you are in Shanghai, Itinerant Dieties is at display until January 5, 2011.

Shanghai - Qingpu | November 10, 2010

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