Shanghai | Skyline Scan

Shanghai | February 12, 2012

After scanning the satellite towns of Shanghai 上海, MovingCities went scanning the city’s skyline. This time around no subway travels to the end of town, but static research: a series, spanning two months, of skyline snapshots as seen from our window.

Sometimes one doesn’t have to travel in order to see cities moving. Sometimes it is just enough to open the curtains, look outside and to think one has woken up in a city different than the one one fell asleep in.

Sometimes the towers tremble, at other times the city provokes words like these:

Shanghai skyline, we salute you!
Sometimes we hardly see you,
hidden in the morning fog,
absent in the afternoon,
disguised in clouds and mutating in the morning light.
Shanghai, you sparkling skyline city!
Your towers dressed and illuminated,
your Pudong pimped, foggy, far away and in our face,
restless, static city of shifting depth
staring at us, Future Sailors,
electronic castaway,
as a spectacle of an electrifying evening.

Shanghai | January-February 2012

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