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As part of the 2012 Fall “Shanghai State of Affairs” lecture series by Bert de Muynck at the HKU Shanghai Study Center, a series of public and informal presentations and debates will take place on Saturday mornings throughout October and November. First speaker in the series is the Italian architect Andrea Destefanis [KOKAIstudios] and will focus on the theme of ‘Redesigning Shanghai Heritage’. It will take place this Saturday October 20, from 10.30 am till 12.30 pm, at the HKU Shanghai Study Center.

Shanghai State of Affairs Kokaistudios

About HKU Shanghai Study Center | Shanghai State of Affairs lectures

“Shanghai State of Affairs” is a series of ten lectures on the state of the city by Bert de Muynck [Assistant Professor HKU Shanghai Study Center]. The purpose of the “Shanghai State of Affairs” public lectures is to have a more in-depth reading of Shanghai’s contemporary architectural and urban changes and to bring together a wide group of architects, urbanists and stakeholders that day-in-day work in the city of Shanghai 上海. The presentations are informal and function as a test ground to develop new ideas about the city of Shanghai, as well gain further knowledge from its urban and architectural development by focussing on those working on it day in and day out.

About KOKAIstudios

KOKAIstudios is an award winning multi-disciplinary design firm founded in 2000 in Venice by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani & Andrea Destefanis. Founded with the dream to create a collaborative office of young and talented architects devoted to researching and formulating the design solutions to the demands of tomorrow and capable of working on a worldwide basis; the firm has grown after 10 years into a team of 25 people headquartered in Shanghai, P.R.C. Their Shanghai credits include Club Sin, 796 Huaihai Lu, Lounge18, and Bund18. They have a long list of awards, including 2 UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage awards for the Bund18 and Huai Hai Lu 796 projects.

Kokaistudios由意大利建筑师Filippo Gabbiani 和Andrea Destefanis于2000年联合创立于威尼斯,旨在汇聚青年才俊,群策群力构思满足未来需求的设计创意。公司之初衷是成立一支全球高效运作、灵活而充满活力的团队,故将办事处设于威尼斯、哥本哈根和香港,以发展并推进公司独一无二设计理念之多文化、跨学科背景。2002年,Kokaistudios在中国上海成立永久性事务所,由二十位对Kokaistudios之“完全设计”理念充满激情和极大热忱的建筑师和室内设计师组成,并拓展出宽广的业务领域:从动态建筑设计到遗迹建筑修护,从创意性酒店设计到定制化的商业及多用途环境设计,都有所涉及。在过去十年中,Kokaistudios推出了屡获得世界知名大奖的作品,并同遍布全球的尊崇客户建立起深厚的合作关系。未来复杂而令人兴奋的挑战,将激励Kokaistudios以更大的热忱,以独具自身特色的智慧态度,勇往直前。

Huai Hai Lu 796, Shanghai | KOKAIstudios

Bund18, Shanghai | KOKAIstudios

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About HKU Shanghai Study Centre
The Faculty of Architecture operates programs in Shanghai, at our Shanghai Study Centre, which is a vital counterpart to other programs in Hong Kong. Our goal is that every undergraduate in the Department of Architecture, and eventually the Division of Landscape Architecture, spends one complete semester of their studies in China, without interrupting their degree program at HKU. With the opening of this Centre, the Department of Real Estate and Construction has the advantage of a well-placed and equipped facility to augment its Taught Postgraduate China Program.

The HKU Shanghai Study Center also houses the HKU Shanghai Office, the HKU Journalism and Media Study Center, and architecture SH (a public gallery for the exhibition of design projects related to the mission of the Centre). The joint studios and other activities that the Department of Architecture conducts with other overseas Universities will also utilize the Centre.

HKU Shanghai Study Center, 298 North Suzhou Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200085
上海 虹口區 北蘇州路298號

For more information, please call 021-6307-7018. Should you feel that there are like-minded colleagues interested in these programs, we will be happy to include them in future invitations.

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