Shanghai | urban snapshots II

December 25. On our second day in Shanghai we went exploring the western edge of the Old French Concession. Moving from inside Shanghai’s historical area we soon entered a territory of hypermalls, housing blocks and highways.

Western edge of  the Old French Concession | Shanghai

Urban park inside triangle of Hengshan Lu, Wanping Lu and Zhojiabang Lu | Shanghai

Hypermalls, offices and highways, Xujiahui subway station | Shanghai

Housing blocks along Xietu Lu and Yueyang Lu | Shanghai

South Western edge of the Old French Concession | Shanghai

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  1. FYI: the top 2 photos feature the renovation of the historic Normandie Apts, built in the 1920’s. In addition photo #5 from the top is a direct shot of the historic Picardie Apts (center – now the Hengshan Hotel) and Kavendish Court (right), also built in the 1930’s…It’s my old stomping grounds. 😉

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