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Xiaonanmen Station Area | Shanghai, April 8, 2012

On Sunday April 8, MovingCities, along with German architect-photographer Arnd Dewald, went scanning the area around the Xiaonanmen Station 小南门站 [Line 9] in Shanghai 上海. Arnd Dewald, who has been monitoring the area for a few months, is a great explorer and so we found ourselves walking in all kind of directions, wading through a world of destruction.

Walking around in the Xiaonanmen Station 小南门站 area, one feels being trapped inside an arena, encircled by high-rises and spectators, all of them comfortably stacked away in shiny highness. Here, below, the destruction goes on, the rubble, the lives of habitats are turned upside down by real-estate developers, by builders of sorts, clients with vague reputation and matching, dodgy, ambitions, sellers of random spaces and traders in territorial negligence.

Here, we look at the ground, at half a facade, see destruction interlocking with living rooms, the work of of Portuguese graffiti /street artist Alexandre Farto [aka VHILS] left abandoned on walls. Here, it is not about layers of accumulated architectures, of architectural history build on top of each other. Here, it is about the tension between background and foreground, about a weird coexistence, of fluidity in the building process, of washing away, cleaning up and constructing.

Shanghai 上海 goes up and down, vertical and horizontal, left, right and upside down.

We read messages in the mess, left wondering where the world went.

Xiaonanmen Station Area | Shanghai, April 8, 2012

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THANKS to Arnd Dewald

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