Shenzhen | Vanke Center by Steven Holl [2009]

Vanke Center Shenzhen by Steven Holl Architects

After a holiday hiatus (all best for 2010!), MovingCities is serving some leftover snapshots from the Vanke Center Shenzhen by Steven Holl Architects. The visit in December was part of the opening of the “URBANISMS Steven Holl + Li Hu: 4 Projects in China“-exhibition located in what is known as the Horizontal Skyscraper.

A short explanation about the building provided by the architect followed by some snapshots.

The building appears as if it were once floating on a higher sea that has now subsided; leaving the structure propped up high on eight legs. The decision to float one large structure right under the 35-meter height limit, instead of several smaller structures each catering to a specific program, was inspired by the hope to create views over the lower developments of surrounding sites to the South China Sea, and to generate the largest possible green space open to the public on the ground level.

Steven Holl URBANISMS-exhibition opening | Shenzhen, December 7, 2009

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Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA
Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid
Guangzhou Pearl River Tower by SOM

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