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SNOWBALL | Finnish and Chinese architecture [website no longer working! see SNOWBALL tag] already posted a glimpse of the ‘SNOWVALL Helsinki dim sum at NOW’-party which followed the SNOWBALL Helsinki seminar and Pan Jian Feng 潘剑锋’s lecture & opening.
MovingCities introduces music – warm, mellow, dub, folk, post-rock – by Tuomas Toivonen [FI] and LinDi 林 笛 [CN].

The SNOWBALL party was hosted by and at NOW‘s former studio space in Kamppi. Solid drinks and steamed-buns merged into an interesting Sino-Suomi blend of stylishness.
NOW for Architecture and Urbanism is headed by Tuomas Toivonen & Nene Tsuboi. In the past Tuomas’s band ‘Giant Robot’ created the urban anthem “Helsinki Rock City[youtube! watch it! remix it!], and recently released “New Utopia[vimeo! watch it!], putting the beats and raps under Ebenezer Howard, Le Corbusier and the Garden City:

utopias have always been proposed
rationality and discipline
to build better cities
for people to live in
rewind to Fourier and Ledoux
town planning becomes a tool

Joining in, on the eve of the Chinese new year eve, was LinDi 林 笛 [co-founder of the Chinese band Cold Fairyland (see youtube channel)], from Shanghai. She plays keyboards, pipa & sings the lead vocals. Check out their Mirror Theater | 摹仿剧场 [youtube!]. Next to dancing and drinking, some of us were getting ready for the event at Chinese New Year Lasipalatsi Square next day.


Kamppi snacks, routes & schedules | Helsinki, February 12, 2010

SNOWBALL Architecture drinks at NOW | Helsinki, February 12, 2010

SNOWBALL Helsinki | February 2010

SNOWBALL at NOW [Tuomas Toivonen & Nene Tsuboi] | Helsinki, February 12,  2010

SNOWBALL party ends: Lin Di & Nene Tsuboi | Helsinki, February 12, 2010

Pictures by

Helsinki Rock City by ‘Giant Robot’ + New Utopia by Tuomas Toivonen
Mirror Theater | 摹仿剧场 by ‘Cold Fairyland’

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