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Stockholm to Brussels | April 7, 2009

On Tuesday April 7 MovingCities flew from Stockholm to Brussels to embark on a five week inner-European journey. Departing under clear skies, Stockholm rapidly disappeared into an abstraction organization of architectures. With a new tag, called “aerophotography”, we document our past and future impressions of monitoring cities from the sky/airplane.

Brussels | April 7, 2009

Recalling a previous post on this subject, documenting a flight from Brussels to Lisbon (August 2008), in which we made reference to the Aviopolis-publication by Australian theorist Gillian Fuller and artist Ross Rudesch Harley. Recently they elaborated further on their findings in the Australian media & culture magazine “M/C Journal”. In an issue called “Still”, guest-edited by David Bissell and Gillian Fuller, Fuller & Harley published a visual essay.

Stockholm - Brussels | April 7, 2009

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