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Strelka in Shanghai | MovingCities lecture @HKU-SSC 14Dec2012 #shtrip12 #day2

MovingCities was invited by the students from the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design [based in Moscow] to give a lecture on the topic of Shanghai 上海 as a MEGACITY. The lecture was part of their 2012 Field Trip #day2 program [Friday December 14th].
On Saturday, the TEDxShanghai team hosted the MOSCOW – SHANGHAI URBAN FORUM「上海莫斯科城市交流」at the Design Republic Commune 設計共和.
Overview of events, lectures, Strelka Shanghai snapshots & links after the break.

Strelka Institute 2012 Fieltrip Shanghai | Students introduce Strelka at HKU-SSC

MovingCities lecture at HKU Shanghai Study Center | 14Dec2012 | Strelka in Shanghai

Moscow-Shanghai Urban Forum | Design Republic Commune & TEDxShanghai

Moscow-Shanghai Urban Forum | TEDxShanghai & friends discuss identity...

Strelka Institute in Shanghai

On December 14th 2012 we gave a two-hour high-speed lecture on MovingCities projects, writings & ideas; but also about the evolution of Shanghai’s urban, architectural, cultural and political landscape since the middle of the 19th century. The lecture took place at HKU Shanghai Study Center and was delivered for a group of ±38 students from the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design.

Before our lecture, Strelka’s students presented their institute and introduced Strelka‘s Field Trip purpose, scope and agenda:

The Strelka Institute provides a platform for creativity, ingenuity and collaborative cultural production across the fields of architecture, design, and media.
Three years ago five people collaboratively conceived an idea. They saw an institution that would be a stock exchange for human capital, a place shaping a flow of creative energy. (…). Not only a place of study, but a cradle for ideas and meanings, strategies and actions. Strelka is an educational centre that is open to the world and ready to share. (…) The output of the institute is multidimensional. It includes graduates and their projects. It involves a growing network of creativity. But, most importantly, it helps shape the reality of tomorrow.

Strelka Institute in Shanghai | Strelka’s Field Trips

Continuing the exploration of Asian cities by Strelka students, the city of Shanghai was chosen as the destination for the third Strelka field trip. A hub for both high-end and low-end globalisation, Shanghai is also unique in its ‘microcity’ features, where a host of independent agencies are changing its creative identity.    Considering that Asian cities are no longer ‘Asian’, and modernity no longer ‘modern’, how does Shanghai view itself?    Each day of the field trip is focused on a particular topic relating to these themes, and we will be visiting sites, individuals, and agencies who are involved in Shanghai’s transformation, from architecture and design practices, to subcultures that flourish beneath the surface of the city. (…) At the end of the field trip, we will deliver reports on the day’s activities and topics, to be published on their respective pages.

But the students were not only looking at new methods and manners to look at the metropolis, but used a wide array of social media [see website flicker press blog fieldtrips] to communicate and share their findings. Below a few quick-links to the students’ self-organized Shanghai field trip, Strelka’s live broadcasting channel and the students instagram diary of the Shanghai trip.

fieldtrips live broadcast:

  3. MEGACITY /MovingCities lecture at HKU Shanghai Study Center
    see students’ instagrams >1 >2 >3 >4 >5 >6 >7 >8 >9 >10 >11 >12

Design Republic Commune | by NHDRO (Neri & Hu Design and Research Office)

Design Republic Commune | by NHDRO (Neri & Hu Design and Research Office)

On Saturday 15th, Creative Director Richard Hsu / TEDxShanghai [TEDx上海 >see also TEDxTheBund City2.0] & friends hosted part of Strelka’s program at the Design Republic Commune 設計共和 [by Neri & Hu Design & Research Office – NHDRO 如恩设计研究室] a design gallery, shop and event space in Shanghai’s Jing’an district.

The Design Republic Commune, located in the center of Shanghai, envisions itself as a design hub, a gathering space for designers and design patrons alike to admire, ponder, exchange, learn, and consume. It houses the new flagship store for Design Republic 設計共和, a modern furniture retailer, alongside a mixture of design-focused retail concepts, including books, fashion, lighting, accessories and flowers. [Project description from Neri&Hu via dezzen]

This [1909 former colonial Gordon Rd police station ~ now Jiangning Road] is a must-visit in Shanghai, an entirely original and innovative interpretation of historical preservation and a complete diversion from the ‘showroom’ as we know it. The brands are almost entirely of the contemporary and modern classic genre but are perfectly placed with the seamless and industrial architecture. [via + pics]

The TEDxShanghai /Design Republic day-event was entitled MOSCOW – SHANGHAI URBAN FORUM 「上海莫斯科城市交流」and informally communicated as

±40 friends from a Moscow University think tank – Strelka Institute will visit Shanghai for the first time. They come together from different country studying Multi-Disciplinary Thinking in design, communication, media, architecture, urban planning, urban play, social innovation, culture development… we will bring together a group of Shanghai friends and experts in parallel interests to have an open casual exchange. the event will start at 10am with a 15 minutes presentation from our Moscow friends. [see >1 >2 >3 >4 flyer]

Other Strelka’s Shanghai visits included hackerspace 新车间 [XinCheJian] and frog Design >

We were pleased with the invitation, intrigued by their methods of investigation and instant impressions, and we are looking forward to hear more from the students’ reports and analysis on this Strelka‘s Shanghai Field Trip.

Strelka Institute 2012 Fieltrip Shanghai | Students introduce Strelka at HKU-SSC

Strelka Institute 2012 Fieltrip Shanghai | Students introduce Shanghai trip

MovingCities lecture at HKU Shanghai Study Center | 14Dec2012 | Strelka in Shanghai

Strelka in Shanghai | Students introduce Strelka at Moscow-Shanghai Urban Forum

Jonathan Woetzel, McKinsey Shanghai Director | Moscow-Shanghai Urban Forum

Moscow-Shanghai Urban Forum|TEDxShanghai @Design Republic Commune 15Dec2012

Pictures by MovingCities

– – –
THANKS Lindsay Harkema [Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design]
THANKS Pascal Berger [HKU Shanghai Study Center]
THANKS Richard Hsu [TEDxShanghai TEDx上海| TEDxTheBund City2.0]

Address: 511 Jiangning Road /near Kanding Lu, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Address:    江宁路511号, 近勘定路 [静安]
Metro: Changping Rd [15 mins. walk]
Hours: Daily, 10am-7pm

STRELKA website flicker press blog fieldtripsSTUDENTS 2012 Shanghai Fieldtrip:
Gulnaz Aksenova • Izabela Cichonska • Albina Davletshina • Aikaterini Examiliotou • Lindsay Harkema • Ondrej Janku • Victor Karovskiy • Anna Kaydanovskaya • Inessa Kovalyova • Nadezhda Malafeeva • Filip Mayer • Nataliya Orekhova • Taisia Osipova • Liya Safina • Artur Shakhbazyan • Masha Slavnova [architects] • Yaroslava Barmenkova [designer] • Jonathan de Groot [urbanist] • Olga Metalnikova • Glafira Parinos [geographers] • Khanova [philosopher] • Varvara Degtiarenko [art historian] • Sofya Guimon [art theory] • Artem Kalashyan [art curator] • Sergey Kasich [soundmedia artist] • Polina • Dhanya Pilo [creative entrepreneur] • Richard Trovatten [digital media expert] • Polina Filippova • Alexandr Shabaldin • Evgeny Shishorin [economists] • Margarita Googe [marketing] • Timothy Misir [political analyst] • Alexey Mityaev [activist] • Anastasia Napalkova • Anna Pozniak • Maria Romakina [journalists] • Oxana Yatsenko [communications] • Alexandra Simonova [public relations] • Elena Yarmanova [international relations].

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