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Xi'an Expo | May 30, 2011

From a distance, the Exhibition Centre looks like a crescent wave, Poseidon’s trident or a triclops sea snake. Its straightforward design suggests that architectural labour and thinking was involved, but indeed it feels like a sketch on a napkin. DOMUS 949 [July/August 2011] is out, including a review by Bert de Muynck | MovingCities of the work of plasma studio for the Xi’an International Horticultural Expo 2011. The Xi’an trident is now online.

As reported before, our visit to Xi’an 西安 at the end of May had the purpose of visiting the Flowing Gardens-project by plasma studio.

From the review:

Winners of an invited competition, Plasma Studio designed the exposition’s three main buildings: the Exhibition Centre or Theme Pavilion (5,000 square metres), the Greenhouse (4,000 square metres) and the main Guangyun Entrance (3,500 square metres).
With offices in Beijing, London and Sesto, Plasma Studio is spearheaded by Eva Castro and Holger Kehne. For the overall execution and planning they collaborated with Groundlab (a landscape firm led by Eva Castro, Holger Kehne and three other partners), Beijing-based LAUR Studio, and the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (BIAD).
“As a competition entry we handed in a sketch,” says Holger Kehne, “because we did not have much time. It was more a vision, a collage with bits of information. As we were not satisfied with our proposal, it surprised us to hear we had won. We believed it was a great opportunity to start over again. But we had to stick to what we had initially proposed.”

(…) Located on the edge of the lake as an endpoint to the central axis, the Exhibition Centre is all about corridors and circulation. It also has a few things on display, including a hydroponic installation with bored fish. “We were never given a proper programme for the inside,” explains Holger Kehne, “so we did not know what was going on. To us it is all about circulation, flow, openness and adaptation.”

Xi'an Expo | May 30, 2011

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