Urban Panorama Workshop | TIMC09!!! city tour (part II)

Urban Panorama Workshop | Macau, July 3, 2009

The afternoon chapter of Macau’s rooftop expedition (see morning tour) brought us to the rooftop of a residential building at Av. Ouvidor Arriaga, another one at Artur Tamagnini Barbosa and to the lounge bar ‘The View’. From the last one, located in The Sands complex at NAPE, one could see what happens when Alvaro Siza Vieira‘s 1983 Macau City Expansion Plan meets the generic demands of the city’s gaming industry. We concluded the day at Guia Hill, where astronomer Tânia Sales Marques gave a short presentation.

Urban Panorama Workshop | View from the View | Macau, July 3, 2009

In order to scan Macau’s skyline in the most effective way, the Urban Panorama Workshop modus movandi was one bus and several elevators. Navigating through the dense urban tissue, along the Chinese border and its gaming shore, we explored the intensity of the peninsula while escaping from it once we hit the elevators, opened doors and roamed the rooftops. From there sensations of vertigo and the amazement of the strange urban disorder became sources of pleasure. Where, in most architectural projects, the roofs are thought off as structure to enclose space, it shouldn’t be to difficult to write an essay/manifesto plotting out its opposite potentialities. A roof is a roof and not a roof. But also not exactly the fifth facade. They are there, above the heads, under the feet, defying our understanding of them as flat GoogleEarth surfaces. Some snapshots.

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TIMC09 我的城市!!!

THIS IS MY CITY, this is my skyline!

Urban Panorama Workshop | View from rooftop Av. Ouvidor Arriaga

+853 co-production | Clara making sure we are ready to hop to the next rooftop

+853 co-production | Icarus takes us up to the 24th floor

86/33 LINK event co-organizer | Leo de Boisgisson, Dead J & Chen XiongWei

Urban Panorama Workshop | View from rooftop Artur Tamagnini Barbosa

I. M. Pei's Macau Science Museum

Urban Panorama Workshop | View from 'The View' at Sands, NAPE

Urban Panorama Workshop | Twilight presentation at Guia Hill

THIS IS MY CITY 09!!! sound check at Albergue SCM | Dead J & Chen XiongWei (86/33 LINK)

Pictures by movingcities.org

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