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Ningbo's Yinzhou District | October 10, 2010'

Who are the people of China? Who are the people constructing, demolishing and sweeping the Chinese city? Where do they live? Soon we’ll know. At least how many people live in China’s urban areas. While the state is counting its people, we are busy taking pictures… A Ningbo’s Yinzhou District 宁波市鄞州区.-selection.

Since last Monday, November 1st, China is counting its people. The news about the investigation has been widely reported in domestic and foreign media as it is a follow-up on the last major census a decade ago which counted 1.265 billion mainland Chinese citizens, of which 807 million were recorded as living in rural areas. The preparation is impressive as for example in Beijing, most residents received a mobile-phone message last weekend, asking them to take part in a cooperative spirit. In terms of content the following system has been implemented:

Millions of Chinese census takers will fan out across the country, visiting more than 400 million households to try to get an accurate count of the population over a 10-day period. (…) About 90 percent of the people will be asked to fill in an 18-item form, covering their name, sex, ethnic group, household registration, and education; the other 10 percent, chosen randomly, will be asked to fill in a longer 45-question form.

For further reading, check out: Census: everyone counts (China Daily), China Aims to Chart Shifting Populations (New York Times) or China census could be first to record true population (The Guardian).

While walking through Yinzhou New District, we took pictures of the peoples.

Ningbo's Yinzhou District | October 10, 2010

Pictures by movingcities.org

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