Line 13 superlinearity | Workshop MasterPlan Proposal

Beijing and Line13

Line13 | Beijing and Line13 (blue)

Line13 | Beijing Subway & Railroad Infrastructure

Line13 | The Urban Project

Line13 | Traditional Concentric Urban Development - Bypassing Beijing’s Urban Development

Line13 | Looking at superlinearity, networking along line13 to navigate along the urban nodes

Line13 | Hybridization of Work, Traveling Landscape and Connective Infrastructure

Line13 | MasterPlan

Line13 | Masterplan: New Formations of Work

Line13 | Masterplan: Productive Landscapes

Line13 | Masterplan: Transportation Infrastructure

Line13 | Masterplan: Superimposing  Programmatic Concepts

Line13 | Masterplan: Superlinearity

Line13 | Masterplan: Beijing & Line13 Superlinearity

Masterplan Group:
Maya Desai, Antoine Morris, Mariangela Piccione, Matthew Spremulli, Sando Thordarson.

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