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Two weeks ago, the Guardian, in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, unveiled a new section of its website — Guardian Cities — so to shine a spotlight on the urbanisation of the world, whilst highlighting resilience, environmental, sustainability, social, and poverty issues…
MovingCities is very pleased to be included! As such we’ve selected 45 urban images from our 460 posts-archive  [see sitemap]. Continue reading “Guardian Cities | city bloggers”

China’s New Housing Agenda | publication

Bezalel Papers on Architectures | issue#2, July 2011

If China will face a housing crisis in the future, it will be an affordable one. After decades of focusing on industrialization and urbanization, it may be well expected that in the coming decade the notion of “hybrid habitation” will become a new driver for China’s social-economical development. The new issue of Bezalel Papers on Architecture [issue#2] is out, including a text by MovingCities called China’s New Housing Agenda. Continue reading “China’s New Housing Agenda | publication”

Mea Shearim | Jerusalem snapshots

Mea Shearim | Jerusalem, February 28, 2008

Today, Meah Shearim remains an Old World enclave in the heart of Jerusalem. With its overwhelmingly Haredi population, the streets retain the flavor of an East European shtetl. Life revolves around strict adherence to Jewish law, prayer and the study of Jewish texts. (source; wikipedia) Continue reading “Mea Shearim | Jerusalem snapshots”

Bethlehem | The Wall

The West Bank Wall separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem | Bethlehem, March 4, 2008

Moving from Bethlehem to Jerusalem, we crossed the ‘concrete chainsaw’ as the French-Israeli director Simone Bitton calls the West Bank Wall in her documentary film Mur. Experiencing this separation and division in space, time and of people through walls and checkpoints, it is impossible to remain uncritical. A last post on Bethlehem.

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The Chinese City: final presentation

What can we learn from China? City/State Workshop

On Thursday February 28, 2008 we concluded the ‘What can we learn from China?‘-workshop. The final presentation consisted out of the presentation of the students’ research, design and projection of the Chinese condition on the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area.

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The Chinese City: phase II

What can we learn from China? City/State Workshop

On Wednesday February 27, 2008 we concluded the second phase of the “What can we learn from China?“-workshop, held at the Architecture Department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. The initial four groups of students were merged in two groups: Central Business District & Housing and Cultural and Creative Industries Clusters & Landscape Operations.

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The Chinese City: phase I

What can we learn from China? City/State Workshop

On Monday February 25, 2008 we concluded the first phase of the ‘What can we learn from China?‘-workshop. Four groups of students were each investigating and researching the mechanism behind one urban operation: Central Business District, Cultural and Creative Industries Clusters, Housing and Landscape.

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