Line13 Redux | workshop field trip

Beijing Line 13 | Northern Section

Line 13 Redux workshop | Beijing, May 25-26, 2009

On May 25 and 26, 2009, MovingCities was invited by Shannon Bassett, Assistant Professor at School of Architecture and Community Design | University of South Florida, Tampa, to give a short design workshop. After dealing in last years’ ‘Line13 Superlinearity‘-workshop with the Northern section of Beijing’s elevated subway line, ‘Line13 Redux‘ focussed on the intersection of the Badaling Expressway and Line13 as the locale for research and intervention. Continue reading “Line13 Redux | workshop field trip”

Looping Line13 | snapshots

Line 13 Superlinearity Workshop | Segments key | May, 2008

On Tuesday, December 9, we continued on our scanning of the peri-urban urban condition around Beijing’s Line13. Accompanied by Dutch graphical designer Gabrielle Marks and Canadian architect/movie-maker Derrick Wang, we walked the area around Wangjingxi and from Beiyuan to Lishuiqiao subway station (segment 4). Continue reading “Looping Line13 | snapshots”


China According to China | 0300TV

Completely filmed by Diego Grass Puga | 0300TV before 2008’s Beijing Olympics and edited right after its ending, “CHINA ACCORDING TO CHINA” presents a set of thoughts by five local architects on China’s current situation and history. Continue reading “CHINA ACCORDING TO CHINA | 0300TV”

Line13 Superlinearity | TURENSCAPE

Last Thursday [May 29 2008]Line13 Superlinearity’-workshop visited China´s leading landscape architectural office: TURENSCAPE Design Institute. Alejandro Cabrera Camprubi invited the students to have their in-work findings/presentations and offered an insight into some of the strategies and design principles underlying TURENSCAPE´s projects. We took Line13, stopping at Shangdi station [Zhongguancun District] and, with a diverse range of transportation means available, headed towards the office.

Continue reading “Line13 Superlinearity | TURENSCAPE”