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Two weeks ago, the Guardian, in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, unveiled a new section of its website — Guardian Cities — so to shine a spotlight on the urbanisation of the world, whilst highlighting resilience, environmental, sustainability, social, and poverty issues…
MovingCities is very pleased to be included! As such we’ve selected 45 urban images from our 460 posts-archive  [see sitemap]. Continue reading “Guardian Cities | city bloggers”

The Brick Whisperer | Ningbo | publication

The Brick Whisperer | Ningbo 宁波 | MARK Magazine#42

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published in the Feb-March 2013 issue of Mark magazine #42 an interview with Liangfu Ni 倪良富 and Haoru Chen 陈浩如 called The Brick Whisperer. Reporting from Ningbo 宁波, the text deals with the Chinese craftsman Mr. Ni who’s skilful use of recycled bricks in the Ningbo History Museum, the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou and the Ningbo Tengtou Pavilion in Shanghai has elevated him to the ranks of celebrity, particularly in this part of the world. Continue reading “The Brick Whisperer | Ningbo | publication”

Congratulations Wang Shu! | Pritzker Prize

Wang Shu | Amateur Architecture Studio

From Local Hero to Global Hero in three years time! MovingCities wishes to congratulate Wang Shu 王澍 & Lu Wenyu 陆文宇 [amateur architecture studio 业余建筑工作室] for receiving the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize. He is a great architect and source of inspiration. This is a great moment for contemporary Chinese architecture. As an homage, we collected a series of encounters we had with him and his work during the past few years. Continue reading “Congratulations Wang Shu! | Pritzker Prize”

Yinzhou | counting the people

Ningbo's Yinzhou District | October 10, 2010'

Who are the people of China? Who are the people constructing, demolishing and sweeping the Chinese city? Where do they live? Soon we’ll know. At least how many people live in China’s urban areas. While the state is counting its people, we are busy taking pictures… A Ningbo’s Yinzhou District 宁波市鄞州区.-selection. Continue reading “Yinzhou | counting the people”

Yinzhou | urban change

'Yinzhou New Town' - Ningbo's Yinzhou District | October 10, 2010

Now the 2010 Shanghai 上海 World Exhibition is officially over and the theme of “Better City, Better Life” has been discussed from all possible angles, it is time to figure out how to implement all that has been said, pondered upon and promised. As can be seen from the picture above, the World’s Exhibit mascot – Haibao (meaning the treasure of the sea) – has not only been roaming the Expo site, but also has been acting as a treasurer for urban change and territorial renewal in Ningbo’s Yinzhou District 宁波市鄞州区. Continue reading “Yinzhou | urban change”

Yinzhou New Town | 5 scattered houses

'Teahouse 1 – broken shadow' by Amateur Architecture Studio | October 9, 2010

In the center of Yinzhou New Town (Ningbo’s District) 宁波市鄞州区 a 25.7 hectares park is situated and in it five scattered houses are located around a lake. In the vicinity one also finds a government building and the Ningbo Historic Museum. The last one, as well the five structures, were designed by Amateur Architecture Studio. It is here that we interviewed in 2008 its principal Wang Shu – Local Hero [Mark Magazine#19] – and recently returned to. After the skyline, a couple of scattered snapshots. Continue reading “Yinzhou New Town | 5 scattered houses”

Ningbo | Yinzhou New Town Skyline

'Yinzhou New Town' - Ningbo's Yinzhou District | October 10, 2010

The Yangtze River Delta is one of the bustling building centers of China where not only cities such as Shanghai 上海, Nanjing 南京 or Hangzhou 杭州 are transforming and creating new business and civic (sub)centers but where also the connections in-between them (railroads and highways) are being optimized. A few weekends ago, MovingCities went to Ningbo 宁波 – integrated into the so-called 2 hours economic circle of which Shanghai is the core – and came back with snapshots from paradise: Yinzhou New Town (District) 鄞州区. Continue reading “Ningbo | Yinzhou New Town Skyline”

Amateur Architecture Studio | publication

Wang Shu | Amateur Architecture Studio

MARK Magazine has in April/May 2009 its 19th issue out. Bert de Muynck | MovingCities contributed to it with an interview with the Huangzhou based Chinese architect Wang Shu 王澍 [& LU Wenyu 陆文宇 – Amateur Architecture Studio 业余建筑工作室] called “Local Hero“.

Continue reading “Amateur Architecture Studio | publication”

Ningbo | urban snapshots

Tianyi City Plaza by MADA s.p.a.m. | Ningbo

Our last day in Ningbo, on December 29, we spend largely hopping from one hotel to another as we monitored the metropolis from on top of the Yongyao Hotel, the Fumao Hotel, the Ningbo World Hotel and a couple of others. As mentioned before, the Tianyi City Plaza by MADA s.p.a.m. forms the commercial heart of a city with a population of about 6 million. Continue reading “Ningbo | urban snapshots”