Adi Purnomo | MARK magazine#44

Mark Magazine#44 | Adi Purnomo | MovingCities

MovingCities published in the June-July 2013 issue of Mark magazine #44 an interview with Indonesian architect Adi Purnomo. In 2009, when we reported on a house and studio that he had designed for a photographer and art collector in Jakarta, we talked about architecture without air conditioning as part of a strategy tailored to the demands of a tropical climate (Green and Tidy, Mark 21, page 154).
It’s a strategy that still forms his point of departure, but today he has other concerns as well. For starters, he wants to accelerate his output. Read the full interview. Continue reading “Adi Purnomo | MARK magazine#44”

Andra Matin | MARK magazine#44

Andra Matin Interview | Mark Magazine#44 | MovingCities

MovingCities published in the June-July 2013 issue of Mark magazine #44 an interview with leading Indonesian architect Andra Matin. He is a well-kept secret in the architecture world. A major force within contemporary Indonesian architecture, the soft-spoken man is recognized as the helmsman of a generation of independent architects, yet hardly anyone outside his native country knows his name. Locally celebrated but internationally undiscovered, Matin was one of the first Indonesian architects to establish an independent practice after the fall of Suharto in 1998. Read the full interview. Continue reading “Andra Matin | MARK magazine#44”

MARK Magazine#44 | Indonesian Architecture

Indonesia Special | MARK Magazine#44

Mark magazine #44 hit the shelves last month!
And it is a special one, providing an unique and timely insight in what is currently happening in the architectural scene in Indonesia. Two extensive portraits by Bert de Muynck | MovingCities reveal Andra Matin as ‘a well kept secret in the architecture world’ and looks at the work of Adi Purnomo of mamostudio who thinks it is vital for the development of good architecture for practices to ‘involve artisans and builders in their designs’.
Make sure to secure your copy – order it here. Continue reading “MARK Magazine#44 | Indonesian Architecture”

mamostudio | House in Bogor

mamo [Adi Purnomo] | Bogor, August 11, 2012

While in Jakarta we grasped the opportunity to catch up with mamo [architect Adi Purnomo], who, along with Andra Matin, is one of Indonesia’s finest architects; and visited with mamo an older, and so-far unpublished, villa-project: the David and Gita House [2008] – in the suburbs of Bogor. A timely moment to have him again on tape and talking.
Delving in our archive to show some older work, we also publish a short Q&A. Continue reading “mamostudio | House in Bogor”

Eko Prawoto | Nasirun private gallery

Nasirun Gallery by Eko Prawoto | August 9, 2012

While in Yogyakarta, we met up with Indonesian architect/artist Eko Prawoto. Although Eko Prawoto is largely know for his art-installations and the use of locally sourced and often recycled materials, he has been a quite active architect within the artistic scene in Yogyakarta. This can be exemplified in his design for the Cemeti Art House or Langgeng Art Foundation. With him we visited a recent project, a small and private gallery for the Indonesian artist Nasirun. Continue reading “Eko Prawoto | Nasirun private gallery”

Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel | exhibition

Andra Matin: A Sequel | August 1, 2012

After a summer break, MovingCities is back at work. First stop is Jakarta, where on August 1 we attended the opening of Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel. The exhibition contains 9 built works by the leading Indonesian architect Andra Matin. Each of the designs is presented in 9 short films. The exhibition is on view at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space until August 27. Impressions after the break. Continue reading “Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel | exhibition”

Roberto Burle Marx | book review

Roberto Burle Marx - The Modernity of Landscape | Actar, 2011

MovingCities received a copy of “Roberto Burle Marx – The Modernity of Landscape(ACTAR 2011). The 350-page publication is a insightful introduction to this great Brazilian landscape architect, poet, gardener, painter etc.. and the role of and design with vegetation in the tropical climate. At some points the book is repetitive, but a delicate graphical design and great images make up for this. A review. Continue reading “Roberto Burle Marx | book review”

Tropical Modernity | book review

MovingCities reviews “Tropical Modernity, Life and Work of C.P. Wolff Schoemaker” [CJ van Dullemen, SUN Architecture], a book dealing with the work and life of the Dutch architect in the Dutch East Indies [Indonesia].

Tropical Modernity, Life and Work of C.P. Wolff Schoemaker | SUN Architecture

Recently, MovingCities received ‘Tropical Modernity, Life and Work of C.P. Wolff Schoemaker‘ [SUN Architecture – now uitgeverij Boom] in the mailbox [contact]. The book gives an interesting overview and insight into the life and work of the Dutch architect Wolff Schoemaker (1882-1949), the Frank Lloyd Wright of Indonesia. The book is as a great introduction to projects such as Villa Isola [Bandung, 1933], Koloniale Bank [Surabaya, 1940] and Nederlandse Handelsmaatschappij [Batavia/Jakarta, 1922]. Continue reading “Tropical Modernity | book review”

Paul Rudolph | Jakarta + Surabaya

Intiland Tower | Jakarta, June 24, 2011

It is a weird, amazing, thrilling and depressive feeling to encounter the office towers that the architect Paul Rudolph [1918-1997] has constructed in Jakarta and in Surabaya. Weird, amazing and thrilling, because one can see a glimpse of an architectural future where tropicalist thinking meets megastructural modernity; depressive because they seem to be largely neglected by today’s architectural debate on sustainable structures. An introduction and a tale of two towers. Continue reading “Paul Rudolph | Jakarta + Surabaya”

Jakarta | ‘Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu’ opening

Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu | July 1, 2011

For Indonesian architects, a house is usually their first project, the first experiment, the first chance to make a built work. […] By removing the client out of this context, we enlarge the room to explore architecture.” So states Danny Wicaksono in his curatorial intentions for the Rumah Rumah Tanpa PintuHouses Without Doors – exhibition. The opening weekend in Jakarta was a great event full off maquettes, jongArsitek!, (but also other) architects and creatives – drinks, dialogues, music, presentation and food. Continue reading “Jakarta | ‘Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu’ opening”