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MovingCities is a Shanghai-based think-thank investigating the role that architecture and urbanism play in shaping the contemporary city.


Established in Beijing in 2007 by Bert de Muynck [BE] and Mónica Carriço [PT], MovingCities publishes, collaborates, talks and walks, and operate as embedded architects. During the past years MovingCities has conducted research, lectures, creative consultancy and workshops in China, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland and Indonesia.

MovingCities has set-up cultural and architectural programs for the Netherlands Architecture Institute [‘NAi China MatchMaking Program’ on ‘Affordable Housing’, 2009-2011], the Dutch Design Fashion and Architecture [DutchDFA, ‘Design and Fashion in China Mappings’, 2011-12], the Finnish Association of Architects [SAFA/Newly Drawn, co-producers of ‘Snowball Architecture Seminar’ – Shanghai, 2010] and Newly Drawn & Museum of Finnish Architecture [‘Finland-Shenzhen Architecture Tour’, 2011], in China.

MovingCities has co-organized and participated in a series of workshops such as ‘What Can We Learn from China?’ [co-organizers, Bezalel University, Jeruzalem, 2008], ‘Superlinearity Line13 Beijing’ [co-organizers, University of Toronto, 2008], ‘Urban Panorama Workshop’ [co-organizers, This is My City! Macau, +853 Cultural Association, 2009], ‘City-Move Interdesign Workshop’ [participants, ICSID/SVID, Sweden, 2009], ‘NAi-China Housing Workshop’ [co-organizers, NAi / CAA Hangzhou, China, 2011], ‘School+ WORKSHOP | Finland-Beijing’ [co-organizers, Newly Drawn, World Architecture Magazine [世界建筑 杂志] & School of Architecture – Tsinghua University [清华大学建筑学院], Beijing, China, 2012], ‘The Making of a Creative City’ [participants, URBANUS Architecture & Design 都市实践, Shenzhen, China, 2012], ‘TRY! – Training Regeneration Youth’ [workshop instructors, Bari, Italy, 2013] and ‘DEFAULT 13: Art, Cities & Regeneration’ [workshop instructors, Lecce, Italy, 2013].

Guest-editorial work has been done for Urban China Magazine ‘CREATIVE CHINA | Countermapping the Creative Industries’ [2009], Abitare China ‘HUTONG/adaptation’ [2013] and Urban Flux ‘INDONESIAN ARCHITECTURE: TROPICAL AND EMERGING’ [2013]. Amongst other, contributions by MovingCities have been published in magazines such as MARK magazine (NL), DOMUS (IT), Urban China (CN), DOMUSchina (CN), GAM (AU), MONU (AU/NL), Stadtbauwelt (DE), LOG (US), SARAI Reader (IN), Tresholds (US), Perspective Magazine (HK), BEYOND (NL), SPACE(ROK)

In December 2010, Bert de Muynck moderated a discussion during the 2010 Shenzhen UNESCO Creative Cities Network conference. Amongst others MovingCities has lectured for various institutions, foundations and universities including the Architecture Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design [Jerusalem], Department of Architecture, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland [New-Zealand], Department of Architecture, ETH [Zurich], Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design [Moscow] and Department of Architecture, IUAV [Venice].

In 2013, MovingCities was featured as a case-study in the UNESCO’s Creative Economy Report 2013 [PDF! Special Edition] and mentioned as being illustrative to be able to instigate a “more culturally sensitive approaches in real estate development [that] could clearly contribute to improving the quality of life in urban contexts (see case study 3.5).” In January 2014, MovingCities was included in the Guardian Cities-project as part of a global network of ‘the best city blogs around the world [featuring] local urban voices who cover their home cities most insightfully.’

As part of the Collateral Event-program for the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, in Venice 2014, curators Marino Folin & MovingCities created ADAPTATION 应变 - architecture and change in China 中国的建筑和变化 as a unique exhibition, providing a critical and timely insight and perspective on the changing understanding of contemporary Chinese architecture and its independent professionals. Taking place at Palazzo Zen 禅宫, a cultural venue of EMGdotART Foundation, newly renovated by Chinese architectural studio O-OFFICE 源计划 工作室, ADAPTATION 应变 - architecture and change in China 中国的建筑和变化 features recently completed projects, some even under construction [others on research-phase] – by 11 Chinese architectural practices – through the media of photography, architectural models, sketches, design objects, reels and newly commissioned audio-visuals.


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自2007年伯德孟 [Bert de Muynck,比利时] 与莫妮卡·卡瑞苏 [Mónica Carriço,葡萄牙] 创立MovingCities以来,MovingCities不但广泛涉足课题研究成果出版、国际多变合作、高峰论坛研讨以及专题导览等项目,并不断在中国、以色列、瑞典、荷兰、芬兰和印度尼西亚等国展开各种专题研究、学术演讲、文化创意产业咨询和研讨会。

MovingCities与多个国际组织建立了紧密的合作伙伴关系,如荷兰建筑学院 (Netherlands Architecture Institute – Nai) [例:“经济适用房 ”项目中的“中国配对活动”子项目, 2009-2011] ,荷兰·设计·时尚·建筑协会 (Dutch Design Fashion and Architecture – DutchDFA)[例:“中国文化创意产业研究报告-设计与时尚”,2011-至今],芬兰建筑师协会 (Finnish Association of Architects – SAFA)[例:“画卷初成”、“雪球建筑师研国际研讨会”-上海站]。在联合国教科文组织创意城市网络2010深圳国际大会上,伯德孟先生主持了高峰论坛环节。

此外,MovingCities还协办了一系列国际研讨项目,其中包括“我们能从中国学到什么” [耶路撒冷比撒列大学 (Bezalel University)协办,2009年],“超线性的北京13号线” [多伦多大学(University of Toronto)协办,2008年],“全景城市研讨会” [“这是我的城市!澳门”/“+853文化协会”协办,2009年],“城市迁移互动设计研讨会” [国际工业设计联合会/瑞典工业设计联合会参与,2009年],“荷兰建筑学院/中国住房研讨会” [荷兰建筑学院/中国美术学院建筑艺术学院协办,2011年]。

MovingCities总监 https://movingcities.org/
伯德孟 (Bert de Muynck) 与 莫妮卡·卡瑞苏 (Mónica Carriço)


MovingCities | Burj Dubai, Dubai, 2007
MovingCities is about asking questions, not finding answers.

movingcities mini-manifesto*

For MovingCities studio studies are less challenging than work in the open urban air, where from minute to minute people, space, architecture and society vibrates and transforms. Attending to the ephemeral layers interacting between men and architecture, society and the city, MovingCities is about capturing the movements of time and vision about to be lost and to be emerging.

To understand the contemporary complexity and reality of cities we have to engage with them in a different way; not as fixed entities, stable places, but as organisms that can grow, shrink, think, perform and act accordingly to influences from the inside as well as from the outside.

MovingCities is not as interested in conditions of transition as such, but rather in processes of intensification, circulation, accumulation, formation and standardisation that this time of transition is provoking.

MovingCities is about understanding the role that architecture and urbanism are playing in shaping the future of the contemporary city.

*full of interesting observations, theories and comments on the state of urbanism